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Wire Container with Attached Hinged Lid

Offering Folding Wire Containers with Attached Lids. We provide the basket and the lid together. Medium, Senior and Large Wire Baskets are available with attached lids (Junior baskets are too small and must be ordered with removable lids). Lid Sizes: 32″ x 40″ and 40″ x 48″ Attached Lid Options. New. 2″ x 2″ x 2 GA. wire mesh lid. Includes wire helix which can be used to attach lid to wire basket. Gray powder coat finish. Lid Weight: 29 LBS. Part Number: WIREBASKETPARTNUMBER-LD

*These hinged lids are also lockable. Doesn’t include lock.

NOTES: MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 2 PCS. Est. Lead Time: In Stock, allow 3-4 days to ship (Subject to availability).  Ships FOB: Chicago, IL 60160.  Purchase includes wire container and lid together. We cannot guarantee that our removable lids will work with other manufacturer’s containers.


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Our standard removable wire lid can be attached to a wire container using a wire helix. We keep them in stock. Wire containers with attached hinged lids can be installed at our factory or on site!   

Wire containers with attached lids are hinged and lockable. They are ideal for securing product in wire baskets for storage and transit. Wire baskets can ship with attached lids already attached or we can send wire lids with wire helix for customer to install themselves. Wire lids keep the lids secure to the baskets and prevent them from being misplaced.

Wire baskets / wire containers with lids can include optional removable or attached lids. Removable lids can be fully detached from wire baskets unlike our attached wire lids which are secured to basket with use of a wire helix. Wire Container with lids are ideal for securing product in wire baskets for transportation and storage. Simply use your own padlock to secure the wire lid to side wall of the steel mesh basket.

We stock wire containers with lids or lids for your existing containers. We have hinged lids in stock for our junior container, medium container, senior container and large wire containers. They can be added to your existing wire baskets.

Hinged lids are easy to install by just twisting wire helix through the mesh side wall and lid. Attached lids can be secured with the use of a padlock that is supplied by the customer. Simply put padlock between side wall and top of wire mesh lid in top front corner of baskets.

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20″ d. x 32″ w. x 22″ h. (16″ useable height) Junior Wire Basket with Attached Lid. PN WB-203222-AL, 32″ d. x 40″ w. x 34″ h. (28″ useable height) Medium Wire Basket with Attached Lid. PN WB-324034-AL, 40″ d. x 48″ w. x 36″ h. (30″ useable height) Senior Wire Basket with Attached Lid. PN WB-404836-AL, 40″ d. x 48″ w. x 42″ h. (36″ useable height) Large Wire Basket with Attached Lid. PN WB-404842-AL