Heavy Duty Collapsible “Knock Down” Wire Container

44 deep x 54″ wide x 38″ tall (30.5″ usable) Collapsible Rigid Wire Basket. (GM-5131 Compatible) New. 2″ x 2″ mesh, 6.4 ga wire 1/2 drop gate on 54″ side. Collapsible & Stackable 4 way runners. 3″ Steel Angle Corner Posts. 6.0 mm thick posts, 2.5 mm thick base 4,000 lbs. capacity (UDL). Powder Coat Gray. NOTE: Includes through hole for optional bolts to make rigid. Weight: 367 LBS. Part Number: FMC445440-6.4-4R-T-C

NOTES: Lead Time: In stock. Custom sizes are our specialty. Lead time on custom sizes: 10 weeks. FOB: Chicago, IL. Ships freight class 70.

If you need the special combination of heavy duty, rigid steel angle corners and collapsible in a wire container than you need our heavy duty collapsible rigid wire containers!

Our KD assembly baskets are used to store and transport parts within your manufacturing facility, warehouse, distribution center or for intra plant shipments. Heavy duty collapsible bulk containers are used in a variety of industries including auto parts manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, HVAC manufacturers, metal stamping and aluminum casting companies.

The big advantage of collapsible wire containers is when they are used to replace disposable packaging (corrugated boxes, wood pallets, plastic strapping) when it comes to increasing life cycles and reducing waste – in effect industrial wire bins help you achieve your lean manufacturing goals by improving production flow, increasing flexibility and eliminating waste in storage and transportation.

Heavy duty collapsible bulk containers also help you achieve you JIT goals. JIT is an inventory companies employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only as they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs – wire containers allow you to do this.

Just about any online industrial supply company can provide you with standard collapsible wire containers but very few can offer custom HD collapsible industrial wire bins. Warehouse Rack & Shelf will analyze your requirements, design and manufacture custom heavy duty collapsible wire containers.