Wire Container Quality Review / Rating

We give our wire containers an A+ in quality – and our customers agree!

What makes our wire container quality so exceptional? It starts with the feet. Our wire baskets feet are large and well designed offering great damage resistance. Our feet have consistent weld material and less flak than some of the competitor’s feet. You will not see large gaps without weld material because our feet are welded on by robotic welders. We have the some of the highest quality control standards in the industry.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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It’s been said that the difference between our collapsible wire containers and other manufacturers is definitely in the “Fit and Finish”. You can tell just by how easily the wire basket assembles. Everything is spot on. This extra quality pays off in durability and longevity of the wire container.

We start with heavy gauge wire and high tinsel strength steel. Our wire goes through a straightening and forming process and then it’s welded in a highly automated welding process which insures precision welds at all intersecting points.

Our wire baskets mesh, channels and feet are manufactured using robotic welders. Robotic welders build the base for superior capacity and design loads. They take the human error out of welding and provide much improved consistency Steel channels are put into a jig and robot welders insure that every weld is applied evenly. Feet are stamped using heavy duty plate steel and are robotically welded to the base to insure damage resistance and long life. Other wire baskets on the market have feet that are tack welded and have been known to fall off when in use.

Automated welders construct our wire mesh panels and insure more consistent and stronger welds. This assures that our wire mesh panels have a true load capacity. We have the highest panel strength in the industry. Our welded panels will not pop, bend, break or bow when loaded to full capacity. If a weld breaks it could become a safety hazard and could damage product.

We apply a durable, corrosion resistant electro galvanized finish after all welding is complete. As a result we are able to provide the guaranteed highest quality wire containers in the industry. Our wire containers are the best value and will provide years of dependable service in just about any application.

Lastly our wire baskets go through a vigorous 5 step quality control process that goes over and beyond the standard ISO certification process. We’ve adopted the Japanese 5S quality system. We have in house testing that certifies the wire and steel meets our strict requirements. Baskets are inspected after they are welded, after they are assembled, after galvanized finish is applied and before they are stacked and banded for shipment.