Returnable Reusable Recyclable Packaging
Returnable Reusable Wire Containers Collapsed and StackedWire Baskets Stacked in a TrailerContainer Load of Wire ContainersCollapsible-Heavy-Duty-Wire-Container-yellowCollapsible-Heavy-Duty-Wire-Container-Knocked-Down-KD1Collapsible GM-5131-Pic 1Collapsible GM-5131-2 collapsedCollapsible Steel Container Model KD2GS-05 ZINC 3 STACKCollapsible Steel Container Model KD2GS-05 ZINC 7 STACKCorrugated Steel Containers Feature Pic 10Returnable Corrugated Steel Containers Loaded in Trailer60x60 Stack-Racks-with-Wire-Decking-Feature PictureStack Racks Knocked Down for ShippingCollapsible Bulk Box with Drop GateBulk Box Collapsed Knocked Down

Collapsible Plastic, Steel & Wire Containers Save Space on Return Shipments

40″ d. x 48″ w. x 36″ h. O.D. (30″ useable height) Collapsible Senior Wire Container. New. 4,000 lbs. cap. Collapsible. Stackable 4 high. (1) – Half drop gate on the 48″ side. 2″ x 2″ x 2 ga. mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. (4) – Robotically welded feet. Electro-galvanized after weld finish. Weight: 152.7 LBS. Part Number: WB-404836

40″ d. x 48″ w. x 42″ h. O.D. (36″ useable height) Collapsible X-Large Wire Container. New. 4,000 lbs. cap. Collapsible. Stackable 4 high. (1) – Half drop gate on the 48″ side. 2″ x 2″ x 2 ga. mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. (4) – Robotically welded feet. Electro-galvanized after weld finish. Weight: 167 LBS. Part Number: WB-404842

45″ x 48″ x 34″ overall height / 27.25″ useable height Yellow Collapsible Rigid Wire Container with Cup & Post Design. 2″ x 4″ mesh, 2 ga wire. 1/2 drop gate on (1) – 48″ side. Collapsible and Stackable. 2.5mm posts and base. 4000 lbs. capacity (UDL). Powder Coat YELLOW Finish. Weight: 228 LBS. Part Number: NDFMC454834T2

44″ Deep x 54″ Wide x 40″ High. (30.5″ Usable Height) Heavy Duty Collapsible GM-5131 Wire Container. New. 4,000 LBS Capacity (UDL) stackable 4 high. 2″ x 2″ Wire Mesh. 1/2 Drop Gates on each 54″ Sides. Heavy Duty Sliding Locks. 3″ x 3″ Angle iron Post Construction. Angle Iron support and tube base surround design. 4-Way steel runners. Collapsible & Stackable. Pintle Post at bottom of basket. Gray Powder Coat Finish. Weight: 375 LBS. Part Number: NDBR44544064SP4A00CG **WE CAN FIT 112 BASKETS PER SHIPPING CONTAINER FOR DELIVERED PRICING.

45″ deep x 48″ wide x 33″ tall (25.5″ usable) Collapsible Steel Bulk Container. New. Solid metal sides 1.5mm thick and 2mm bottom 1/2 drop gate on (1) 48″ side Stackable & Collapsible. Includes Pin feet and 4 Way runners – 6mm thick Fork lift stir-ups * 4000 lbs. capacity (UDL). Powder Gray. Weight: 416 LBS. Part Number: NDSRB45483315SC4CT2P. NOTE: WE CAN FIT 112 PCS. PER CONTAINER FOR DELIVERED PRICING.

48” x 48” x 69” H. (61” Inside Usable Height) Orange Stacking Rack with Wire Mesh Decking. New. 2500 lbs. Capacity while Stackable 4 high. Collapsible with 4 Removable Corner Posts. Color: ORANGE. Weight: 130 LBS. Part Number: 484869SR-WMD

48″ L. x 45″ W. x 34″ H. (28.5″ H. Inside Clear) Black Collapsible Plastic Bulk Container. New. 2000 lbs. capacity. Two half drop gates on 48″ side. 12.7″ Collapsed Height. Color: Black. Weight: 144 LBS. Part Number: 4548-34

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Are you wanting to move away from costly wood pallets and corrugated boxes? Are you spending hundreds of dollars a week disposing of wood pallets and cardboard just to see it hauled away and thrown in a dumpster? Make the ecological choice. Start recouping that money by switching to plastic, steel and wire returnable, reusable and recyclable shipping boxes. As a side benefit you will find that your product is better protected in transportation.

Sustainable Packaging, particularly Returnable, Reusable Racks and Containers are a Big Trend in Environmental (and Cost-effective) Packaging. Knock-Down (KD) Containers also take up less space on return shipments reducing fuel and shipping costs.

When shipping parts and materials, companies are always focused on saving money, first and foremost. However, a new trend in the Go Green movement has these companies searching for environmentally friendly alternatives—all in good faith for the earth and because it looks good for business. Plain and simple: environmental = cost-effective… environmental = smart.

The question that many companies face is whether or not to use returnable shipping option or to use expendable. It is a big initiative within the industry today to figure out their needs and what would cater to them firstly, and then look for the environmental aspects. Sometimes, there is not always a clear winner in which you should use, as they both have their advantages.

For example, expendable packaging includes: wood pallets, corrugated boxes, and dunnage, which are used when a product is being shipped out one-way. They are all designed to be thrown away once the product is received, so if you don’t intend on getting the packaging back, then this is the option to use. The advantages are enticing for any business because there is a lower initial cost and the lightweight packaging helps reduce shipping weight, which then reduces overall shipping cost. Right out the gate, you are saving money and time! This shipping method is effective for many companies because it all depends on how you store and ship your products.

However, if you want to save money, time AND be environmentally friendly, then returnable shipping is the best option. This includes: plastic, steel or wire containers, carts, pallets and racks. This packaging is used when a product is getting shipped back and forth from facilities and the sturdy build is designed for repeated use across multiple trips. Returnable racks are most commonly used to ship automotive component parts because of their many applications.

The advantages stack up too! In other words, when looking to purchase focus on the Three R’s:

Returnable, Reusable, Recyclable

First you return, then you reuse! Yes, there is a higher initial cost for the craftsmanship of fine steel, wire and plastic, but there is also a quick ROI turnaround due to the sturdy materials’ long-life span and multiple uses. Returnable packaging is collapsible allowing it to better utilize air space & conserves floor space in transit of the product. When not in use, you can easily collapse them in your manufacturing facility’s storage. It reduces maintenance cost because there are no more wood pallets and corrugated packaging to dispose of. More than that, there is no harmful disposing of materials at all, which is what makes this the environmentally friendly option. In expendable, that packaging is never to be used again leaving waste in the dumps. With returnable, you can avoid this wastefulness all while ultimately saving you money.

Other advantages include reduced maintenance cost of having to repair and replace damaged wood pallets, the prevention of damage that is associated with bulk stacking, thereby, protecting your materials, which saves you money on product damage. Also, if you’re worried about the cost of retrieving your packaging, you need not be. The collapsibility of KD containers better cubes out a trailer, which reduces the return freight costs. And finally, after a long life of use, shipping racks are 100% recyclable, rounding out the Three R’s.

In the end, there is never a completely right option. In the battle between Returnable vs. Expendable, it depends on what your business needs are. In the case of environmentally friendly options, though, there is a clear choice. To keep waste at a minimum, returnable shipping racks in automotive component parts is ideal for the Green company. Plus, it’s just plain business smart.

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