I will be the first to admit that rigid wire bins are more durable than collapsible wire bins. Less moving parts, less chance of them breaking. I get it. But let me briefly layout the advantages of going to collapsible bins (besides the initial cost savings): Two words, Functionality and Efficiency. The ability to collapse allows you to store them more efficiently.

When not in use collapsible steel containers can be stacked in a corner, freeing up valuable floor space to other projects. The collapsibility also reduces the amount of return shipments required from plant A to plant B which reduces the overall cost of the project due to less truckloads required. Collapsible wire and steel containers can also be designed to stack with your existing rigid baskets and containers.

I understand that change is difficult but sometimes you have to think outside the box. Industries that use lots of rigid baskets and bins (like the Automotive Industry) use them for a reason – because they are proven to work. NO bins lasts longer than the Big Three Bins: GM-5131, FORD ZE Series and The Chrysler CS and CC series bins. But on occasion there will be opportunities to exploit the advantages of collapsible bins.

The payoff of collapsible wire baskets is HUGE! Say you pay $50,000.00 for the collapsible baskets and within a year they save you $50,000.00 in reduce costs. They have paid for themselves. The ROI of collapsible containers have allowed me to save major people at major companies across North America major amounts of money.