Here’s a hot one – FRAZIER INDUSTRIAL COMPANY just announced a new plant in Dyersburg TN starting 1/1/18. From now on all structural rack quotes will be freight quoted from that location including current open quotes regardless of where they actually make the product. Please go back to the any structural rack quotes we have done for you in the past and let us revisit it with cost based on new shipping point. We think we can save you lots of money on the purchase of your next structural pallet rack project.

Frazier Industrial is the industry leader in providing structural storage racks for warehouses and distribution centers. They specialize in the big jobs. No job is too small. If you want a large quantity of structural pallet racking you need to consider Frazier. offers the lowest prices on Frazier pallet rack, teardrop pallet rack as well as pallet rack accessories including row spacers, pallet supports, wire decking, post protectors, end of aisle protectors and guide rail. Please give us a call at 800-763-9020 to discuss your requirements.