Lane Dividers | Pallet Dividers | Pallet Rack Transverse Flue Space Shelf Dividers

36″ x 1/2″ Fixed Pallet Divider. New. Part Number: PD-36

42″ x 1/2″ Fixed Pallet Divider. New. Part Number: PD-42

44″ x 1/2″ Fixed Pallet Divider. New. Part Number: PD-44

48″ x 1/2″ Fixed Pallet Divider. New. Part Number: PD-48

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Pallet Dividers are spacers that run front to back on a pallet rack shelf. These lane dividers are placed between pallets and keep pallets a safe distance away from each other that create flue space between pallets. They are used for fire safety.

Our Pallet Dividers and shelf separators are designed to work with punched corrugated steel decking. These dividers for industrial buildings have been designed to meet RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) specifications, specifically NFPA 13. NFPA stands for National Fire Protection Association and #13 which is the standard that represents the sprinkler code.

Punched Pallet Rack Decking, Pallet Dividers and Fluekeepers are all accessories to pallet rack. These lane dividers help maintain required flue spacing that is necessary to optimize sprinkler coverage when products are stored in pallet racks.

We supply pallet rack decking products and accessories that meet the changing trends that are driving fire codes. Warehouse fire sprinkler codes impact on pallet storage racks.

Advantages of our Pallet Flue Spacers:

– Allows overhead sprinklers to function as designed.
– Provides flue space between pallets stored on the shelf.
– Standard screw on design allows for easy installation.
– Helps organize and allocate pallet space on the shelf.
– Satisfies insurance company guidelines and local building official requirements.
– Great for new installations but also can be retrofit into existing rack systems.
– Works with most major brands of roll formed pallet racking.