Propane Tank Stack Racks

63″ wide O.D. x 43″ Long O.D. x 28.5″ Overall height Propane Tank Stack Rack. New. (60″ wide I.D. x 40″ long I.D. x 20″ clear ht.) Design 3, Style 5 Base. Four way entry. 1500 lbs. cap. per rack. Stackable 4 high. 4″ target on posts. 1.5″ sq. x 14GA tubing. 14GA Steel Deck. 2 horizontal side rails 60″ sides, 1 horizontal back rail 40″ side & latching wire cable open front. Blue powder coat finish. Weight: 178 LBS. Part Number: PJ175199.

NOTES: Minimum Order Quantity: 6 PCS (As shown in picture). Racks are priced individually. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier. Est. Lead Time: 6 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO 63120.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Cylinder and Propane Tank stack racks are ideal for storing and transporting tanks of all sizes. We have a standard propane tank rack model but can also provide custom sizes. All of our propane cylinder storage racks are made to order. Like the propane tank caddy the propane tank storage rack densely stores tanks but the difference is that the stack rack allows you to stack them multiple high for dense storage.

Propane cylinder storage racks are a very flexible storage rack in that they can be moved around your warehouse. They are perfect for shipping propane tanks or cylinders on trucks. They make great cylinder and propane tank shipping racks. The propane tank storage racks pictures have fixed corner posts but we can also provide them with removable corner posts allow you to disassemble and knock them down when not in use.

Propane tanks are short. Gas cylinders are tall and require support up top so that they don’t fall over. A chain is often used to keep cylinders stable while being stacked or transported. The propane tank racks have removable corners posts, solid steel decking, heavy duty base with fork stirrups. We also provide a chain on opposite ends to help secure the load.