Double Wide Drive-In Pallet Rack System

(TBD) Pallets wide x (TBD) pallets deep x (TBD) pallets high = (TBD) total pallet positions Structural Steel Double Wide “Twin Load” Drive In Rack System. (FOUR HIGH IS FLOOR + 3 RAIL LEVELS). New. Breakdown of Main Components per One Set:  – 26′ h. x 48″ d.  Structural Steel upright frames with 4″ wide column, 5″ x 7″ x 3/8″ foot plates and 168″ h. double reinforced columns,  – 108″ top ties,  – interior tie beams,  – 6″ single arm left, – 6″ single arm right,  – 6″ double arm,  – 240″ Rails. Colors: Blue upright frames, Yellow beams, arms, rails, anchors and shims.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: Los Angeles, CA or Houston, TX.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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  • The two pallet wide rive in rack system provides twice the storage density and twice the handling efficiency. Double up your pallet storage with the twin pallet load drive in rack system. In order to use this you will need a fork lift attachment that allows you to pick two pallets at the same time.

Imagine driving your forklift into the trailer and picking two pallets from the truck at the same time, driving them down the aisle of your warehouse and loading both pallets into the drive in rack system at the same time. And when it’s time to ship the pallets to your customer you pick both pallets at the same time and load them into a truck allowing you to do double the amount of work in the same amount of time. Well, It’s an idea who’s time has come.

Let’s talk about density. This drive in rack system is the densest drive in rack system on the market. By storing 2 pallets wide in each bay you save the space normally required for a 3″-4″ column and the space required for the arms and rails which saves you approximately 18″ of floor space for every two pallets wide. That is some serious space savings.

This unique drive in rack system is designed for max productivity and space utilization. It is becoming very popular with Food Manufacturers, Food Distributors, Grocers, Beverage, Petroleum, Chemical, Paint and any Bulk Handling Operation that has pallets coming in and out of the door frequently. The key to this system is that you need a high quantity of pallets of the same SKU and of the same size. It is important that all pallets are the same in each bay.