Interlake New Style Interack-30 U-Punch Pallet Rack


20′ x 42″ Interlake New Style Series 30 upright. Used. 3″ x 3″ column. Color: Vista Green. Weight: 110 LBS. Part Number: UF-30-25-44-01-01

96″ x 4″ Interlake Series 485 New Style step beam. Used. 1-5/8″ step. Includes internal slide locking devised. Color: Safety Orange. Weight: 28.7 LBS. Part Number: RB-485-96-00-01

NOTES: Interlake Shelving. In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65/125. FOB: St. Louis, MO 63120

*We only sell Interlake New Style Pallet Rack used. Subject to availability.

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Interlake Interack 30 Welded New Style Uprights with U-Punch are NO longer manufactured by Interlake Mecalux. Interlake Mecalux is now only manufacturing the Interack 30 Welded F-Punch Rounded Teardrop Upright Frames. The only hope of getting New Style Interlake pallet rack is on the used market.

What is the compatibility of Interlake Interack-30 Old Style Teardrop uprights with F-Punch rounded teardrop shaped holes and New Style Uprights with U-Punch squared top shaped holes (Pictured)? New Interlake Mecalux teardrop beams are compatible with BOTH F-Punch uprights & U-Punch uprights. This is accomplished by using Interlake style end connectors with shaved lugs.

Beware, there are other suppliers of teardrop beams (and used beams on the market) that have a rounded lug on end connector that is only designed for rounded teardrop uprights and will not work with new style Interlake shelving uprights. If you are buying used teardrop beams to fit into U-Punch Interlake pallet rack uprights be sure to check lugs on end piece of beams and make sure it has a shaved (and not round) lug.

Interlake Interack 30 teardrop new style U Punch 2