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J Bolt Safety Beam Lock (also called safeties). New. Weight: 0.55 LBS. Part Number: PH516X2PINLOCK SJB

NOTES: J-BOLTS ARE PRICED PER PIECE. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY OF 100 PCS APPLIES. Est. Lead Time: In stock, allow est. 4-5 days to ship. Ships UPS or FEDEX. FOB: Springfield, TN  37172


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Speedrack Safety Pins or J-bolts are designed for Speedrack Pallet Rack – but can be used with Teardrop Rack to secure beams to uprights!

J-bolts are a Speedrack beam lock device that is also used for securing teardrop beams to uprights. If your upright has a hole in the side of the column that aligns with a hole in the end piece of your beam you can use pallet rack safety pins to secure them. It is much quicker and easier to drop a J-bolt into hole than the alternative of having to use nut’s and bolts.

J-bolts are a very popular pallet rack beam locking device. It can save you hours and hours of labor cost in comparison to using nut’s and bolts. Nuts and bolts had been used for many years to secure beams to uprights. Than someone realized that there was a hole in the side of their teardrop upright that aligned with a hole in the teardrop beams end piece. That’s where the J-bolt pallet rack safety pins come in. It’s a crooked bolt that you drop into the hole of beam end piece and it locks the beam in place.

Many warehouse managers or safety managers are tasked with having to make sure that beams are secured to uprights in their pallet rack system. Their first conclusion is that have to take nut’s a bolts and secure each beam by hand but that’s not the case. I’m here to tell you there is another answer – J-Bolts!

These J-bolts for sale help to improve warehouse safety. They secure your uprights, and in turn, secure your whole racking system. Rack failure is an expensive and dangerous situation. It’s a good idea to take small and inexpensive precautions, like using j-bolts, to help you prevent accidents and save money long term.

J-bolts are quick and easy to install. They’re a simple and small solution, but they bring big results. You don’t have to worry about getting a whole new racking system or getting new uprights. J-bolts make it easy to secure your system without spending a fortune!

Nuts and bolts take lots of time. Securing your uprights is essential, but it doesn’t need to take all day. J-bolts get the job done! We highly recommend our j-bolts for sale as an affordable and secure alternative to nuts and bolts!

I will let you in on a little secret of warehousing, J-Bolts are used to secure teardrop beams to uprights in place of using nuts and bolts. These pallet rack safety pins will save you tons of labor cost!

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