Aluminum Wall Shelf

12″ d. x 48″ w. Aluminum Wall Shelf. New. 18 GA shelf. 125 LBS shelf capacity. 1/8″ marine edge side and front. Includes gussets. Weight: 9 LBS. Part Number: 1126.

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The aluminum wall shelf may be our most popular aluminum product. This industrial metal wall shelf is flying off the shelf!

This single solid wall shelf is used for many applications in the warehouse, distribution center and processing plant. It’s a popular industrial metal wall shelf in the receiving department for organizing bills of lading and invoices. It is also popular in the shipping office, in packaging areas or over work benches. An aluminum wall shelf is a small addition that could make a big difference for your office organization. Keep all of your important documents in one place while also keeping your workspace clear and clutter free!

Because it’s made of aluminum, this industrial metal wall shelf stands up well to wet conditions. It would be a great addition in a kitchen or to a food service operation. You could also add it to your utility closet or work room to store cleaning products. You’ll never have to worry about it rusting! It’s also easy to keep clean – simply wipe it down!

An aluminum wall shelf can help you maximize your space by taking advantage of otherwise unused wall space! This is a strategic way to make the most of a small space. We bet you’ll find that you want to add a few more because they’ll improve storage density and workplace organization!

By simply flipping the aluminum solid wall shelf upside down with gusset facing upwards you can create a wonderful bookshelf. With a reverse gusset installation the shelf has a ledge which keeps things from falling off the shelf. It has so many applications, which is part of what makes it so popular! Our wall shelf has a 1/8″ marine edge on side and front.

You will be surprised at how easy these wall shelves are to install. We provide everything but the wall installation hardware. We don’t provide hardware for walls because we don’t know how your walls are constructed. The customer is responsible for providing wall mounting hardware.

The solid aluminum wall shelf is for storing lighter loads and smaller products. It has a lip that contains spills. Manufacture in the USA.

The Aluminum Wall Shelf is available in the following sizes:

12″ x 24″ Aluminum Wall Shelf. 18 GA. 200 LBS capacity. Weight: 5 LBS. PN. NS675

12″ x 36″ Aluminum Wall Shelf. 18 GA. 150 LBS capacity. Weight: 7 LBS. PN. 1125

12″ x 48″ Aluminum Wall Shelf. 18 GA. 125 LBS capacity. Weight: 9 LBS. PN. 1126

12″ x 60″ Aluminum Wall Shelf. 18 GA. 100 LBS capacity. Weight: 10 LBS. PN 1127