Retail Storefront Security Gates

46″ Max Height x Up to 48″ Wide Galvanized Folding Window Gate.  Gate Stack Space 7″. Weight: 24 LBS. Part Number: D-46.

NOTES: In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 125. FOB: Chicago, IL 60608

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

The Hybrid Storefront Security Gates are our most popular folding gates for 3 reasons: Greater security, easier installation & lower cost.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC is proud to introduce the addition of our new Storefront Folding Gate called the “Hybrid Gate”. What makes it so unique and so popular is that it has a continuous frame that utilizes vertical support bars and traditional scissor webbing to provide total coverage and support.

We’ve added this new Hybrid store front gate to our line of retail security gates. It adds to our growing selection of security solutions. This standard Heavy-Duty retractable gate is engineered and fabricated to the same quality specifications as our traditional dock door gates.

These retail storefront security gates offer individual store owners as well as regional and national chains an economical solution for after hours security. Retractable security gates prevent smash-and-grabs and loss from break-ins by protecting a single point of access or providing a complete front-line wall of security across the entire facade.

Our galvanized steel folding scissor gates are ideal for securing store fronts, store front windows & vestibules. Our standard gates provide a cost-effective visual and physical deterrent allowing business owners to be stress-free after business hours. In the open position, these gates slide out of the way becoming virtually invisible during working hours. Optional top H bracket for pair gate provides superior security while in use.

Our Extra Heavy-Duty retail storefront security gates offer twice the duribility and security of our standard heavy-duty gates. They maintain the same height while retracted or in-use and are designed to include a top and bottom track for additional security and ease of use. Single and pair gates are available.

Our Retail Storefront Security Gates Have The Following Features:

  1. Available in top hung and/or bottom rolling track configurations.
  2. Manufactured in Heavy-Duty Top Hung or Extra Heavy-Duty with BOTH top and and bottom track for maximum security.
  3. Custom-built solutions suit any opening.
  4. Provides around the clock, 24/7 protection.
  5. Protect a single access point or complete facade.

How To Order Retail Gates:

  1. Determine where the gate will be mounted – face mount or in-jamb?
  2. Measure the exact width and maximum height of the opening(s) needing security.
  3. Determine track configuration – standard heavy-duty gates requireonly a bottom track.
  4. Extra Heavy-Duty gates require a top and bottom track.
  5. Call us at 800-763-9020 or e-mail us at for options and pricing.