Ergonomic Lift Tables

48″ w. x 48″ L. Ergonomic Lift Table. New. 2,000 LBS. capacity. 7″ lowered height. 43″ raised height. Voltage: 460/3. Weight: 910 LBS. Part Number: EHLT-4848-2-43

48″ w. x 48″ L. Ergonomic Lift Table. New. 4,000 LBS. Capacity. 7″ lowered height. 43″ raised height. Voltage: 460/3. Weight: 910 LBS. Part Number: EHLT-4848-4-43

OPTION: 116 V Change out option. Part Number: VCC-115-1

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Ships Class 70) (Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). FOB: IN 46703


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Ergonomic lift tables bring the work to you!

Ergonomic lift tables allow you to adjust the height of the work surface to suit your needs. They can lift heavy loads like engines, sub-assemblies, and work in progress. Whether you work with a few guys in a shop or are part of a production team at a large manufacturing facility. The electric hydraulic lift table is like a heavy duty adjustable height work bench.

Raise production to new levels of safety and convenience with our electric hydraulic scissor lift table.
Scissor tables are designed to raise products up to an ergonomic working height. Our ergonomic lift tables maximize safety with minimum space requirements.

Ergonomic lift tables help to reduce injuries around the work place. No more bending and straining. This industrial scissor lift table has an adjustable work height that keeps workers from having to lift heavy items. Full featured electric hydraulic scissor lift tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. The help increase safety and efficiency on the shop floor.

Electric Hydraulic Ergonomic Lift Table Safety Features and Benefits:
• Electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table
• Brass velocity fuse to maintain platform height regardless of hydraulic pressure
• 24V AC push-button hand control
• Maintenance prop and upper travel limit switch to stop table at maximum height reducing motor wear
• Comes with a 2HP, 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor standard, other voltages available
• 3000 psi hydraulic component rating

The following is a list of our most popular electric hydraulic scissor lift tables. They are available in-stock and take about 48 hours to ship. Please review the list below, pick a size and model number that best fits your needs and call us at 800-763-9020 for a prompt, low cost quotation.

Model NumberPlatform SizeLowered HeightRaised HeightCapacityVoltageWt.
EHLT-4848-2-4348″ w. x 48″ l.7″43″2000 lbs.460/3910 lbs.
EHLT-4048-3-4340″ w. x 48″ l.7″43″3000 lbs.460/3800 lbs.
EHLT-4848-3-4340″ w. x 48″ l.7″43″3000 lbs.460/3825 lbs.
EHLT-3060-4-4330″ w. x 60″ l.7″43″4000 lbs.460/3800 lbs.
EHLT-4048-4-4340″ w. x 48″ l.7″43″4000 lbs.460/3850 lbs.
EHLT-4848-4-4348″ w. x 48″ l.7″43″4000 lbs.460/3910 lbs.

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48″ w. x 48″ L. Ergonomic Lift Table. 2,000 LBS. Cap. 7″ lowered height. 43″ raised height. PN EHLT-4848-2-43, 48″ w. x 48″ L. Ergonomic Lift Table. 4,000 LBS Cap. 7″ lowered height. 43″ raised height. PN EHLT-4848-4-43