Round Corner Corrugated Steel Container with Skid Base and lifting lugs

36″ x 52″ x 23″ H. (19″ clear height) Round Corner Corrugated Steel Bin with skid Base and lifting lugs. Bin 006


Stackable steel corrugated containers with skid base and hoisting lugs are a very popular automotive container. They’re a heavy duty option that can stand up to the daily grind of the automotive industry.

Corrugated steel bins can have special skid base added. The skid base has many advantages. It acts as a runner that amortizes and evenly distributes the weight when stored on decking or in racks. The runners also add strength and stability to the base and helps prevent damage to the most vulnerable part of the container – the feet. This skid base helps protect and prolong the life of your rack. By keeping the weight evenly distributed across the rack, they prevent overuse of any one area, which can lead to rack failure.

Our round corner, steel corrugated containers can be retrofit with skid base and lifting hooks to help you make the most of them. These features will add extra benefits for the user.

The containers are stackable, which will help you improve your storage density. You’ll be amazed at how much your floor space opens up by stacking up instead of storing out. Storing more allows you to increase your inventory and your sales.

Round corner steel containers can also have lifting lugs in the corners that allow you to lift, transport and stack them with use of a crane system. The lifting lugs allow you to move the container in a way that’s safe for your staff and safe for the container. This is a popular option for metal foundries.

This container is very robust and designed for years of service. When you’re working with automotive parts, you need a tough-as-nails option. This is it!

There are certainly cheaper container on the market but experienced warehouse managers know that it is best to invest upfront in quality containers because poorly constructed or inferior quality containers will cost you more in the long run due to repair, replacement cost or damage to products.