Corrugated Steel Containers with Fork Tunnels | Fork Pockets | Fork Tubes

48” wide O.D. x 48” Long O.D. x 29.5” Overall height Rigid Corrugated Steel Container with Fork Pockets / Fork Tunnels. New. (47.6” wide I.D. x 47.6” long I.D. x 24” clear ht.) 4,000 lbs. capacity stackable 5 high. Cap. Cu. Ft.: 31.3. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA. steel angle in corners. 13 GA. corrugated steel panel sides. 12 GA. steel panel bottom.  Black enamel finish. (Other colors available). Weight: 243 LBS. Part Number: H600-378-FT-BLK

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Corrugated steel containers and bins with forklift channels are primarily used for dumping contents. The full length fork tunnels secure the container to the forks of the forklift allowing you to safely dump products. Keep in mind that your forklift must have a dumping mechanism to accomplish this task.

Fork tunnels are fully enclosed steel tubes that are welded under the steel container. They are very similar to fork stirrups in that they secure the container to the forks of the forklift which increases safety when transporting and stacking containers. The only advantage that fork tunnels have over fork stirrups is that they allow you to safely rotate the container for dumping.

Corrugated steel bins with fork tunnels are very popular in the scrap industry which relies on storing, transporting, stacking and dumping of scrap material. The fork pockets do not prevent stacking. The steel scrap containers are stackable up to 5 high which allows you increase storage density and handling efficiency in your warehouse.