Collapsible Steel Containers
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Collapsible “Knock Down” Steel Containers & Bins

40-1/2″ x 34-1/2″ x 32″ overall height (25″ useable ht.) Collapsible (KD / Knock-Down) Sheet Metal Steel Container/ Bin. New. Inside volume: 18 Cubic Feet. 3,000 LBS. Capacity. Stackable 5 high. Half drop gates on both the 34″ sides. 16 GA steel sides and bottom panels with safety edges. Sheet metal sides, floor and tubing base structure. Standard zinc-Galv. plated finish. Weight: 172 LBS. Part Number: KD2GS-01. NOTES: 14-1/4″ Collapsed height. We are able to fit 108 upright bins on a 53′ truck. 252 collapsed bins fit on a 53′ truck.

NOTES: Collapsible Steel Storage Containers for Sale. Lead Time: IN stock. Allow 4-5 days to ship. The 4 COLLAPSIBLE “KD” STYLES are standard and In Stock in Zinc-Galvanized coated finish. We can quote colors as well if required for high level QTYs ordering for the “KD” styles.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Collapsible steel bulk containers are built tough to store and transport heavy parts but the REAL advantage is that these collapsible metal bins knock-down for space savings and save money on return shipments! Steel scrap bins are ideal for recycling.

Collapsible steel containers are invaluable to your warehouse operation. Their versatility and durability make them a great solution for your storage needs. These collapsible metal bins are used across a variety of industries and always deliver the same great results. We carry a variety of sizes to fit your storage needs.

Collapsible steel containers offer you the best of both worlds: They’re stackable and collapsible. These steel storage containers for sale offer the durability of a steel container and the collapsibility of a wire basket. Collapsible steel containers protect your products while in storage and transit. These collapsible steel bins will increase storage density and handling efficiency.

Steel bulk containers are ideal for storing heavy-duty materials. Not only can they take a beating, they can also save you tons of floor space. These containers are made for stacking, so you can store up and not out. Talk about improving your storage density and organization.

Collapsible steel containers save you money on return shipments. Knock these collapsible storage bins down and store them efficiently when not in use. These collapsible steel storage containers for sale stack 3 high for truck shipments and stack 7 high when collapsed for return truck shipment. On average 108 upright storage bins fit on a truck while an estimated 252 collapsed storage bins fit on a 53’ truck.

Our collapsible steel containers for sale have stacking cups on the bottom and steel angle targets on the top corners. This makes for easy and secure stacking. They are easily transported and stacked by the forks of a lift truck. These collapsible storage bins are a must when transporting parts in trailers. They offer you much more versatility than non-collapsible steel bulk bins.

Not only are you keeping your inventory safe, you’re keeping your staff safe from unsecured products. Keep everything secure in a storage bin while also maximizing your floor space. We think you’ll agree that it’s a win-win.

Collapsible Steel Container Features and Benefits:

• Collapsible steel bulk containers have durable sheet metal sides and floor mounted on a heavy duty tubular steel base

• These steel storage containers for sale have a drop gate on both sides

• Steel bins are stackable and collapsible which helps save money on return shipping

• Available in a variety of sizes

• They have a load capacity of 3,000 lbs. and are stackable up to 5 high

• Steel Storage Bins for sale are available in standard zinc galvanized or powder coat finish