Corrugated Steel Containers with Double Drop Gates

29.5″ x 34.88″ x 19.75″ OD-Custom Double Drop Gate Corrugated Steel Container / Bin with drop gates adjacent to one another. New. Capacity: 1000# Stacking: 5 High Maximum – Static Material Make-up: 1.5″ Sq. Tube corners and framing, (2) 13ga x .5″ Deep corrugated solid sides, (2) Adjacent 13ga Smooth drop gates and half sides, 3/8″ Slide bolt latches 3/8″ Half gate hinge assembly, 3/8″ Full side hinge assembly, 11ga Stack plugs and Continuous piano hinges with 1/4″ pins. Finish: Gray industrial enamel applied direct to metal, inside & out but not underside. NOTE: Includes (1) Removable post in drop gate adjacent corner. Part Number: CM303520FDGB-RP

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: Wisconsin

We specialize in supplying steel customized shipping containers. Our custom corrugated steel container with double drop gates on adjacent sides has a removable corner post. This allows it to be loaded with a forklift making it a “Complete Corner Access Container”.

We manufacture corrugated steel containers with a variety of options: no drop gates, a single drop gate on long or short side, double drop gates on opposite sides or this special drop gate container with double drop gate on adjacent sides.

What makes our corrugated metal shipping containers special is that they have double drop gates that are adjacent to one another creating what one could call an abutting access container. Talk about flexibility, this container give you the ability to load and unload product with a forklift. Transportable, stackable this corrugated steel container increases storage density and handling efficiency.