Roll Out Racks

Roll out racks have all of the great features of a racking system, plus the flexibility of slide-out shelving and drawers for easy access. This combination improves storage density and handling efficiency.

Roll out racks are great for quick retrieval and access. They are often used for storing heavy parts or materials, like engines or dies. One of the benefits of storing heavy materials this way is that they can often be accessed from both sides and the front when the drawer is out.

Another great feature of roll out racks is that you can access materials or products in the back without having to unload the whole row. This is a huge time saver! Because of the open design you can quickly take inventory and find what you’re looking for. In some cases, roll out racks can eliminate the need for forklifts.

Storing large and heavy parts can be inefficient. With roll out racks you store up so you’re taking advantage of unused vertical space. This clears up your floor space, which gives you more space to work and allows you to store more!

Using roll out racks also increases the safety of your warehouse. They keep your floor space clear and prevents tripping and other accidents. They also secure materials in a designated spot.

Roll out racks have a number of applications and are used across many industries. We have a large selection of roll out racks to meet any storage need.

The Roll Out Cantilever Rack is ideal for storing materials of non-uniform shapes and sizes. This is a great way to keep a random assortment of materials well organized without having to buy multiple storage systems.

The Roll Out Pallet Rack Shelf delivers the same storage density the pallet rack system is known for plus the added convenience of roll out shelves. It’s the ultimate combination of density and efficiency.

Roll Out Sheet Metal Rack handles the tricky task of storing sheet metal. Roll out racks stand up to the job with a storage capacity of 5,000 pounds. And retrieval is easy!

Roll Out Shelf Racks are often used by manufacturers. They’re great for storing frequently used tools and parts.

Roll Out Shelving is a workhorse and can hold up to 1,500 pounds per shelf, even in the rolled out position. These are usually loaded and unloaded with a crane, overhead hoist, forklift or stacker.

Check out our selection of roll out racks to find the best option for you to help improve storage density and handling efficiency.

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