Corrugated Steel Bulk Container with Half Drop Gate

49.5” wide O.D. x 49.5” Long O.D. x 29.5” Overall height Rigid Corrugated Steel Bulk Storage Container with Half Drop Gate Located on the Long Side. New. (48” wide I.D. x 48” long I.D. x 24” high I.D.) 4,000 lbs. capacity stackable 5 high. Cap. Cu. Ft.: 32. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA. steel angle in corners. 13 GA. corrugated steel panel sides. 12 GA. Corrugated steel panel bottom.  Blue enamel finish. (Other colors available / Popular standard color choices include Blue, Gray, Green and Black. Also available in raw, unpainted). Weight: 243 LBS. Part Number: H600-403-G

NOTES: Available in 27 different standard sizes. We specialize in custom sizes – just ask. Est. Lead Time: 3-4 weeks. FOB: WI.

The corrugated steel container with half drop gate allows for easy ergonomic access to stored parts. Keep in mind that drop gate is always added to the long side by default. Simply lift and drop the gate to open the side of the corrugated steel container for easy picking of stored goods. The great thing about it is that the drop gate can be opened while containers are in the stacked position.

Corrugated steel containers with half door gates are stackable up to 5 high, so they really increase storage density in your warehouse. Clear up floor space by utilizing the vertical space in your building. These heavy duty bulk storage containers are ideal for transporting and storing product in your warehouse. The solid corrugated sides add strength for storing heavy parts.

Corrugated steel bins are constructed of 13 GA corrugated steel sides, 12 GA corrugated bottom panels, 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA steel angle iron corners, heavy steel GA stacking feet, thick steel stacking targets in top corners and super strong hinged drop gate all covered in a durable and attractive wet coat industrial enamel paint finish applied inside, outside but not the bottom.

These corrugated steel containers are considered the industry standard and are built to last. What makes this container special is the drop gate which if it wasn’t open you wouldn’t even know it there. The drop gate is an excellent feature on the taller 30″ tall containers because they prevent workers from having to reach down into the container to pick out parts.