Collapsible “Knock Down” Steel Container with Pintle Feet

54” x 44” x 40”H. Heavy Duty Collapsible Solid Steel Bins with Pin Feet. New. 2 Gates and 2 Runners. These are essentially a very heavy duty collapsible and solid version of the GM-5131 Style bins. They inter-stack in all configurations with our GM-5131 Style Bins. We also have a Wire Mesh “Collapsible” version as well – also just a few in stock. Part Number: KD2GS-05

NOTES: We like to keep a few in stock of each to offer as First Articles of production quickly. Estimated Lead time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: Ontario, Canada

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Heavy duty collapsible steel containers and bins with runners can be designed with stacking cups or pintles for feet. Collapsible steel containers with pin stacking feet are more common in automotive applications. If you are interested in mimicking a GM-5131 automotive steel container but with solid steel sides instead of wire mesh than this may be your answer.  These steel bins are offered in either rigid or collapsible models.

There are many MRO Buyers, Material Managers and Packaging Engineers who swear by rigid steel and wire containers. There is certainly something to be said about the rigidity and durability of a rigid steel container. BUT modern technology and thoughtful design have made the collapsible models more durable, almost on par with rigid steel containers.

The greatest advantage of our heavy duty collapsible corrugated steel bins is that they can be knocked down for dense storage in the warehouse or truck. Collapsible steel containers greatly reduce shipping cost and are ideal for return shipping.

Collapsible solid sided steel bins give you the best of both worlds because our collapsible steel containers can be made permanently rigid by adding a nut in bolt in pre-drilled holes in corner hinged sockets. This feature gives you flexibility to make rigid or collapsible.