Lumber Stack Racks | Stackable Lumber Transport Racks

38″ d. x 48″ w. x 40″ H. (31″ Usable Height) Lumber Stack Rack with Removable Side Frames on the short 38″ side. New. 2500 lbs. Capacity. Stackable 4 high. Color: Choice of standard colors. Weight 220 LBS. Part Number: 384840SR-LSR

NOTES: We specialize in custom sizes – Just ask! Lead time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: St.Louis, MO or Atlanta, GA.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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You got Lumber? We have a rack for you! Our Lumber Wood Stacking Racks also work as stackable lumber transport racks. They are portable, nestable and collapsible meaning they knock down for low-cost return shipping or for dense storage when not in use. Lumber log stacking racks are the ultimate in storage density and handling efficiency!

Our stackable lumber transport racks allow you to store lumber, transport lumber from mill to warehouse to jobsite. These wood stacking racks are stackable 4-5 high allowing you to regain valuable floor space in your warehouse. When lumber is ready to ship you can load these racks in a trailer or van and transport the lumber directly to the jobsite.

Stackable Lumber Racks are the most flexible racks on the market because they are not anchored to the floor. You can move them around as you see fit. Increase storage density by up to 66% because these log stacking racks can be stacked densely and require not aisles of separation.

Lumber stack racks are designed with an open base with tubular support bars. We can also offer a variety of decking options including plywood decking, wire mesh decking or solid steel decking. These wood stacking racks come with removable end frames or side rails which help container lumber being stored. Stacking targets on the feet allow for easy stacking.

Our lumber log stacking racks have multiple applications. They can be used to store and transport lumber, plywood, millwork, windows, doors and even firewood. Although the most popular size is 38″ deep x 48″ wide x 40″ high we specialize in providing custom sizes to meet your specific needs – just ask!