Vestil Stacker Lifts

Vestil Stacker Lift with Powered Drive and Powered Lift. New. 26-3/4″x42″ overall fork size. 2-1/8″ lowered height.  Three Lift Height Models: 62″, 118″ and 150″ raised heights. 1,500 lbs. capacity. Raised height capacity: 1,000 lbs. Part Numbers: S-62-AA, S-118-AA, S-150-AA

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Ships Class 175) (Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). FOB: IN 46703


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This stacker lift with emergency reverse function offers the highest level of operator protection!

Electric stacker lifts handle pallet loads in your warehouse safely and efficiently. These are used in place of a forklift. A Vestil stacker is a less expensive alternative and functions well in narrow aisle applications. I would say the Vestil stacker falls between a straddle stacker and forklift in function.

The Vestil stacker lift has all of the advantages shared with its relative the walkie-stacker but doesn’t have the outriggers or legs. It has a very narrow profile and can turn on a dime. Its ergonomic handle has a throttle for forward, reverse, lower and lift.

Stacker lifts are very clean and efficient. They have a high torque 24VDC drive and lift motor. It is designed to handle heavy loads. Electric powered stacker lifts have 2 12 Volt deep cycle battery, charger, level gauge, safety enhancing emergency reverse function, and horn.

Vestil Stacker Lift Features:
• Stacker rolls smoothly on poly-on-steel steer & load wheels.
• Features 0.7 KW drive and 2.0 KW lift motor. 3-4 hour operation at full charge – 8 hours when used intermittently.
• Electric Powered stacker lifts have two 12V, 95Ah lead acid deep cycle batteries, integral battery charger, and battery level gauge.
• Stacker lifts include an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when user releases the handle.
• 2 Battery options include Gel Cell or AGM. Both are completely maintenance free.

Stacker Lift with Powered Drive and Powered Lift
ModelOverall Fork
Size (WxL)


Capacity 118″-150″
Adjustable Forks/ Adjustable Support Legs (works with pallets & skids)
S-62-AA26-3/4″x42″3-3/8″62″2,000 lbs.990
S-118-AA26-3/4″x42″2-1/4″118″2,000 lbs.1,500 lbs.1131
S-150-AA26-3/4″x42″3-3/8″150″2,000 lbs.1,500 lbs.1,000 lbs.1290

Additional Information

Weight lbs

27″ w. x 42″ l. x 118″ h. Electric Power Stacker. 2,0000 LBS. Capacity. 3-3/8″ Lowered Height. 118″ Raised Height. PN S-118-AA, 27″ w. x 42″ l. x 150″ h. Electric Power Stacker. 2,0000 LBS. Capacity. 3-3/8″ Lowered Height. 150″ Raised Height. PN S-150-AA, 27″ w. x 42″ l. x 62″ h. Electric Power Stacker. 2,0000 LBS. Capacity. 3-3/8″ Lowered Height. 62″ Raised Height. PN S-62-AA