Cardboard Cart | Quad-Steer Tow Cart | Push Cart

48″ x 60″ Cardboard Cart / Quad-Steer Tow Cart- Push Cart. New. Specifications: – Tubular steel construction. – 48″ x 60″ Smooth sheet metal deck. – Top of deck approx. 18″. – Ends and one side to be framed in with expanded metal 40″ high from deck. – Open side to have three (3) manual seat belt style straps. – Four (4) 8″ casters (2( swivel and (2) rigid with sealed precision bearings (RS). – Push handle. – Powder coat finish – Safety Yellow RAL 1018.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Integrating cardboard tow carts in your manufacturing operation offers a multi-pronged approach to optimize storage and transport. Cardboard trolleys efficiently stack cardboard sheets, saving space and boosting warehouse utilization. The design of these tow carts allows for dense storage of sheets of cardboard, optimizing warehouse space and reducing the need for additional storage space.

The maneuverability of these push carts allows for easy movement of cardboard, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity. This agility is crucial for maintaining competitiveness in today’s market.

Cardboard tow carts also promote organization and accessibility. Cardboard trolleys standardize transport, streamlining inventory management and order fulfillment, leading to fewer errors and improved customer satisfaction. It’s a no-brainer: The adoption of cardboard tow carts in manufacturing facilities offers a holistic approach to enhancing efficiency, organization, and sustainability.