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Towable Tilt Carts:

• 33 x 31 – 30 degree tilt, 4 wheel cart with tip-down pintle ring tow package RS Caster, Safety orange. PN. 3331-TTC (Designed to handle our 32×30 plastic collapsible bulk container or corrugated steel container)

• 49 x 46- 30 degree tilt, 4 wheel cart with tip-down pintle ring tow package RS Caster, Safety orange. PN. 4946-TTC (Designed to handle our 48″ x 45″ plastic collapsible bulk container or corrugated steel container)


-Partial deck.

-Corner guides.

-Push Handle.

-Poly casters – 2000lb capacity.

-Controlled tilt cylinder for smooth tilting and safe operation.

-Tow package with Pintle ring tow bar and Heavy-duty floor brake and recessed coupler hitch.

-Powder paint any RAL powder paint number. Please specify preferred paint color.

  • -Offered in standard 4-wheel models. 6-wheel models also available that offer better tracking and tighter radius turns. 6-wheel models cannot be used in areas with ramps.

NOTES: EST. LEAD TIME: 12-16 weeks. FOB: Milwaukee, WI

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

The Tilt Cart is our #2 Selling Cart behind the Mother Daughter Cart. It is one of the hottest carts on the market. There are months where we have 1000 or more of these carts in production at one time. What makes the Tilt cart so popular? The answer is twofold “Ergonomic Order Picking” and “Reduction in Workplace Injuries”.

What makes the tilt cart so special? Utility tilt carts can handle loads up to 2,000 LBS. What makes them special is that even when handling that amount of weight the tilting top has a very controlled tilt speed. When you pull the lever and the top begins to tilt, it doesn’t matter if you have 200 LBS or 2,000 LBS of weight on it, it tilts at the same 5 second tilt speed every time – that’s something you can count on. The tilt wagon is always very smooth and very controlled so you don’t have to worry about the parts spilling out.

The purpose of a tilt cart is ergonomic warehouse order picking. You typically don’t use pallets or skids with tilt carts, you only use a plastic bulk box or corrugated steel container. The tilting cart is designed specifically for container usage and warehouse order picking. When the cart begins to tilt it doesn’t tilt enough that the contents spill out on the floor but it does tilt enough that the operator can easily reach inside for picking. The cart also gets the container high enough off the floor that the operator doesn’t have to bend and stoop.

Surprisingly, these utility tilt carts are more commonly used with plastic bulk containers than corrugated steel containers but both are used frequently. Whether its a plastic or steel container they do have one thing in common – they both typically have a drop gate that allows for easy ergonomic access to stored goods. Increase storage density, handling and picking efficiency with tilt carts combined with plastic or steel containers. We supply them all!

Another advantage of the utility tilt cart is that when it’s tilted 30 degrees you drop the drop gate door and after picking off the first layer or two off the top the drop gate can serve as a ramp that allows the operator the ability to step inside the container. In other words when the container is tilted at the proper angle the drop gate sets flush to the floor and it acts as a ramp for easy entry into the container. The operator can than easily pick items from the bottom of the container.

These tilt carts for warehouse order picking are often pulled by a tugger in a train of up to 6, 8 or 10 carts. They can snake through narrow aisleways moving parts from manufacturing, warehousing to line side assembly. They are ideal for replenishment of parts to support assembly lines. Tilt carts increase storage density and handling efficiency in your operation.

PRO-TIP: As you may have guessed by now, the Tilt Cart is just like the static cart and rotating cart (but without rotating top) in construction with the only difference is that the top of cart tilts. The tilt cart can even be used as the Daughter cart in a Mother and Daughter cart system. These carts can ONLY handle load weights of 2,000 LBS or less.