Mobile Retail 2 Tier Tire Rack Carts

2-Tier Mobile Retail Tire Rack Cart

22-1/2″ w. x 74-3/4″ l. x 74″ h.Two-Tier Mobile Retail Tire Rack Cart. Includes 2 – 5″ Rigid and 2 – 5″ swivel with brake casters. Color: Black.

NOTES: There is 34″ between levels therefore tires must be 34″ diameter or less. Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks (stock). FOB: Ohio. Ships class 125.

2-Tier Mobile Retail Tire Rack Carts store and transport tires in a retail tire store or auto repair shop.

Storing tires can be really inefficient and disorganized. Tires have an odd shape, they’re heavy and take up a lot of room. The mobile 2-tier tire rack cart gets tires off the floor and takes advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. The two tiers allow you to double your storage, while also keeping the cart at an easily accessible height.

Mobile tire storage carts make tire transportation much easier. They’re a great option for a workspace because the open design of the cart makes it easy to quickly survey and access inventory. Tire rack carts allow you to bring the tires right to where you’re working, so you’ll spend less time hauling tires, and more time getting things done. They can also be quickly restocked and wheeled back to the worksite.

Rolling tire display racks can greatly improve your storage density and overall efficiency. Tire rack carts can also improve the safety of your warehouse. They secure tires and keep them from falling, and they also keep them off the floor and prevent personnel from tripping. An added bonus of 2-tier mobile tire carts is that they take the work off your staff and keep them from burning out!

Mobile tire racks are a must have for anyone in the automotive industry. They’re long lasting, versatile and can greatly improve your operation!