Cradle Cart

30″ W. x 30″ L. x 26″ H. Heavy Duty Bar Cradle Cart. New. 4,000 LBS. Capacity. Includes 6″ x 2″ Casters. Color: Powder Coat Blue. Weight: 98 LBS. Part Number: DCC-80

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Ships Class 100) (Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). FOB: IN 46703


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The cradle cart is a unique and functional cart that combines a steel cradle and a heavy-duty pipe cart to serve two purposes – To store and transport cylindrical items!

With a large open design the bar cradle cart allows for easy access to stored items. These heavy duty pipe carts will hold both large, medium and small rolls and loads. You can load and unload them by hand, with a forklift or with a sling. The pipe truck safely protects product from damage while in storage and transit.

The unique design makes the cradle cart ideal for storing materials of various sizes. You don’t have to buy multiple carts for each size material. This is a one-size-fits-all solution that will save you tons of time, space and money!

This is a great solution for storing long and tubular materials. These materials aren’t easy to store or transport, so working with these materials can be expensive and time consuming.

You’ll find your cradle cart will never not be in use. If you’re not using it for transportation, you’ll be using it for storage. It’s made with high quality materials and will last a long time. You’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in a cradle cart sooner.

Bar Cradle Carts roll easily on (4) swivel 6″ x 2″ poly casters. The 4,000 & 10,000 pound cradle carts rolls on (2) rigid and (2) swivel phenolic casters. Except for the DCC-80 cradle cart which rolls on (4) swivel casters. Powder coat finish standard on these heavy duty pipe carts.

The cradle truck increases both storage density and handling efficiency. They also increase work productivity by keeping good close to work areas. They are easy to roll around and can be placed near work zones to help reduce unnecessary steps from being taken. These little heavy-duty pipe carts have a big impact.

Cradle Cart Features:
• All welded steel construction
• Steel Cradles for storing long tubular items
• Heavy duty base with casters
• Wheels are mounted in a diamond pattern to allow the bar cradle truck turn-about on its own center. It also allow for truck to over thresholds.

Cradle Carts are designed to transport and store the following items:
• Pipe
• Steel channel
• Bar stock
• Barrels & Drums

Cradle Trucks / Cradle Carts
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Weight140 lbs
Dimensions30 × 30 × 30 in