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Quad Steer Tow Carts in Custom Paint Colors

48″ x 72″ Heavy Duty Quad Steer Tow Cart. 2,000 LBS capacity. Specifications:
– Tubular steel construction.
– 48″ x 72″ Sheet metal deck with corner guides.
– Top of deck approx. 18″.
– Spindle steer design.
– 12″ x 3″ Red polyurethane wheels with tapered toller bearings.
– Tip-down pintle ring tow bar and rear coupler.
– Safety chain.
– Cart base 2,000 lbs. capacity.
– Powder coat finishes available: Traffic RED RAL 3020, ORANGE RAL 2008, BLACK RAL 9017, BLUE RAL 5017, GREEN RAL 6024, YELLOW RAL 1018


NOTES: FOB: Milwaukee, WI. EST. LEAD TIME:  14-16 weeks (PRODUCTION)

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Taking your tow cart experience to it’s ultimate limits, we are offering custom color quad steer tow carts that help you differentiate between stored and transported products. These quad steer tow carts are designed to have tight radius turns that are idea for towing in warehouse with tight aisle spacings.

Imagine having two carts in a line of consitent colors or a mix of colors that help you identify what parts are stored and where they are to be delivered. From manufacturing, to the warehouse, to the assembly line, custom color quad steer tow carts increase organization and efficiency.