Folding Wire Shelf Carts
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Folding Wire Shelf Carts | Three-Sided Collapsible Shelf Cart

42″ D X 48″ W X 82″ H THREE-SIDED COLLAPSIBLE WIRE SHELF CART. New. Includes (1) – removable/adjustable shelf. (4) – swivel casters per cart with 2 being lockable. Finish is zinc plated. Part Number: 424882-FOLDING-CART


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

If you need a wire shelf cart but find they take up too much space the solution is our new folding wire shelf carts. They can be used all day and easily folded at the end of the shift and stored away for the next day.

Simply remove adjustable shelf, lift hinged bottom shelf and collapse the sides. Walla, the rolling wire shelf cart knocks down and collapses. That’s the beauty of our folding wire shelf cart.

Increase handling efficiency and storage density with our new three-sided collapsible rolling carts. The push carts can be easily maneuvered through the aisles of your warehouse or retail store or loaded on trucks for transporting goods to other locations.

Collapsible wire shelf carts are the answer to many of your problems. If you have a small facility that doesn’t allow for storage of wire shelf carts these knock-down shelf carts can free up floor space.