Industrial Shelf Carts, Tow Carts, Trucks & Trailers

32″ W x 54″ L Industrial Cart / Tow Cart. New. 4000 LBS. Capacity per rack. Not Stackable. Modified B-4 base. No plywood deck. Blue powder coat finish (Other colors available). Includes Four – 8″ x 2″ swivel casters with brake in corners & Two – 8″ x 2″ rigid casters in center of cart. Color: Blue.

48″ W x 96″ L Quad Steer Trailer / Industrial Cart. New. 6000 LBS. capacity. 13.5″ Height (top of deck to middle spindle), 20″ Pneumatic Tires, Ball Hitch & Coupler Tongue. Color: OSHA Safety Green.

48″ W x 96″ L Dual Decker Quad Steer Trailer Industrial Shelf Cart. New. Dual decks constructed of tubular steel and expanded metal decking (3/4 #9). 8″ x 1-1/4″ mold on rubber casters on cast iron wheel with straight roller bearing. Approximately 14″ from top of lower deck to the floor. Upper deck adjustable in 3″ increments (30″ max from top of lower deck to top of upper deck with max height of 45″). 1/2″ lip around the decks. 1000Lb capacity per deck. Manual “stay-up” tongue keeper. Pin & Clevis hitch. Running Gear powder coated black, deck Safety Yellow.

NOTES: ALL INDUSTRIAL CARTS ARE CUSTOM MANUFACTURED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. WE DO NOT STOCK INDUSTRIAL CARTS & TOW CARTS.  FOB: St. Louis, MO or Lake City, MN. Lead time: 8-10 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Custom industrial trailers and carts are designed to your specifications. We don’t stock them because customers request so many different sizes, features, options and accessories. We are able to customize the carts to meet you specific needs.

We supply handling carts of all kinds including platform carts, shelf carts, push carts and tow carts that utilize tuggers. We use stacking racks with casters to create portable, stackable carts  that can be transported around your warehouse. Increase storage density and handling efficiency with industrial carts.

If you trying to go Forklift-Free, then pallet carts will help. Forklifts are loud, use a lot of energy and can be dangerous. If you use a series of tow carts linked together and powered by a tugger you can replace or reduce the number of forklifts needed to do the job.

Industrial pallet carts are excellent for transporting products, machinery, tools and dies from the work area to the warehouse. They are also used for order picking and can be used in the warehouse, dock or trailer. Ergonomic shelf carts help employees transport parts without having to carry them which increases safety and helps reduce workplace injuries.

If you are able to send us manufacturing drawings or a step file we can build racks that are compatible and stackable with your existing carts and industrial trailers. If you don’t have drawings you can send us a sample and we will send it back when we are done inspecting it.