Bar Cradle Truck

Heavy Duty Bar Cradle Carts are offered in 3 sizes: 28″ W. x 60″ L. x 29″ H., 28″ W. x 96″ L. x 29″ H. (most popular size)and 28″ W. x 120″ L. x 29″ H. New. 10,000 LBS. Capacity. Includes 8″ x 3″ Casters. Color: Blue. Weight: 260, 550 and 570 LBS. Part Numbers: DCC-2860-10, DCC-2896-10 and DCC-28120-10

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add to invoice or customer to provide carrier for transit. (Ships Class 100) (Freight estimate assumes Dock-to-Dock transit). FOB: IN 46703


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

If you have steel bars, pipe or other long items to store, we have a bar cradle truck. This sounds like a match made in heaven!

A pipe cradle truck is the ideal solution for transporting and storing bars, rods, metal pipes and steel tubing. Less bending means easier loading and unloading and keeps materials closer to most machine heights. This cradle cart is a combination of a steel cradle and a heavy-duty cart that increases storage density and handling efficiency.

The ergonomic bar cradle truck is very easy to maneuver in tight spaces which makes it invaluable in warehouses and work area. It allows you to store and transport long loads to work areas for increased productivity. The open design allows you to load and unload product more efficiently.

The pipe cradle truck is used for both transportation and storage. In order to support even longer loads you can combine units for greater capacity and length. These heavy-duty carts help you organize material and gives you flexibility in storing items of varying length. Although loads on single units must be centered on truck.

Bar cradle truck features:
• All pipe storage trucks are 31.5″ wide x 32″ high
• Frame is made of structural steel channel
• Cradles are 3″ wide, 24″ across and 13″ deep
• 12″ phenolic wheels provide superior strength and are resistant to gas, oil and many frequently used chemicals
• 8″ swivel casters and tilt design allows truck to turn within its own radius
• All wheels have roller bearings

NOTE: Bar cradle trucks, like all of our trucks, carts and jacks should not be used on inclined surfaces or ramps.

Additional Information

Weight lbs

28″ W. x 120″ L. x 29″ H. Heavy Duty Bar Cradle Cart. 10,000 LBS. Cap. PN DCC-28120-10, 28″ W. x 60″ L. x 29″ H. Heavy Duty Bar Cradle Cart. 10,000 LBS. Cap. PN DCC-2860-10, 28″ W. x 96″ L. x 29″ H. Heavy Duty Bar Cradle Cart. 10,000 LBS. Cap. PN DCC-2896-10