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Aluminum Order Picking Cart | Forklift Picking Cart

40″ W x 77″ H. x 48″ D Aluminum Order Picking Cart. New. Forklift Picking Carts – Equipped with 2 – 30″ deep shelves. Shelf Clearance: 11-1/4″. Includes handle on back. 5-1/4″ DH (DH is the measurement from the top of the fork to the top of the deck. Weight: 410 LBS. Part Number: 9966

NOTES: Add a C on end of part number for Crown. Add R on end of part number for Raymond. Add H on end of part number for Hyster. Add T on end of part number for Toyota. By knowing the brand of order picker we are able to make sure deck height matches and is flush to prevent trip hazard.

Lead Time: 20 days. FOB: KS 67654. Ships Best way pre-paid & add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

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The biggest advantage of aluminum order picking carts is their light weight! These warehouse order picking carts are less than half the weight of steel order picking carts which allows you to store more product on the cart when order picker is at fully extended height. Talk about maximizing your storage density!

Aluminum order picking carts will improve the safety and the moral of the workplace. If a steel order picker cart is 900-1100 LBS, an aluminum order picking cart is 280 LBS in comparison. That’s a huge difference, but what does that mean to you and your daily operations? It means that the cart is easier to manually push when being staged. Stop stressing your warehouse workers by expecting them to push a loaded stock cart in staging. Aluminum warehouse picking carts are much lighter than steel which makes pushing them a breeze in comparison. Not only does this prevent injury, it will increase the productivity and boost motivation among your workers.

Increase lift capacity by reducing the weight of your warehouse picking carts. An order picker functions based on load weight. If you use an average weight of warehouse worker at say 300 LBS, plus the weight of the cart, it limits the amount of product you can store in your aluminum cart at max lift height.

Forklift order picking carts have many functions in your warehouse. They’re a workhorse that will make you wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. They allow you to put away, pick, stage and ship products in your warehouse. One of the biggest advantages is that these warehouse picking carts reduce the number of order pickers required to service your racks. This greatly improves efficiency and productivity.

What we are hearing at trade shows and the impression we get about the changing market place is that warehouses are dealing in case quantities, in other words they are not picking cases as much as they did in the past. The new e-commerce reality is requiring warehouses and distribution centers to pick more single items. This can be a drain on your productivity and overall output. However, the right equipment can greatly increase efficiency. An aluminum order picking cart is definitely one of those pieces!

In an e-commerce warehouse environment that utilizes pallet rack you have two storage solutions: Remove the rack and go with another pick system or work with the rack. The quickest, easiest and most affordable solution is to work with your existing rack and integrate order pickers with picking carts.

Aluminum is durable and rust and corrosion resistant. They’re a great addition if work in the food service or agriculture industry because they won’t rust or break down from wet conditions.

I would say that 30% of order picking carts are standard like the cart you see advertised on this page and 70% of the carts are customized. We are able to provide different shelf sizes and separations that fit your exact tote requirements. Other custom features for warehouse picking carts include additional handles, door on back, invoice holders, towable, pick to light, pick to voice, etc.

Additional Information

Weight 410 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 77 in