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Heavy Duty Stackable Platform Truck | Material Cart

40″ x 71″ x 45″ Heavy Duty Stackable Material Cart. New. (32-15/16″ x 68-1/4″ useable size). 5,000 LBS capacity. 4 rigid corners posts. Stackable 3 high. 2″ x 38″ removable crossbars on short ends. Solid steel deck. 2″ h. x 8″ w. fork pockets. 3″ x 8″ phenolic casters. Powder coat blue. Weight: 350 LBS. Part Number: SPC-3668-2L

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I’m proud to tell you about our new heavy duty stackable platform truck. It is designed to transport and store heavy materials. Our material cart is very unique in that it combines the features of a stack rack and a cart into one unit to become a two shelf material cart. Increase storage density and handling efficiency with this stackable material cart.

Think of it as a nestable stack rack and a cart that has removable side bars which allow you to store one or two layers of material. This heavy duty stackable material cart offers incredible versatility and flexibility to your storage. Simple stack material on the cart, roll it to where you want it to go, and use  your forklift to densely stack it.

This rolling platform cart has 4 corners posts with targets on the base and pintles on the top of the post. The cart has 8″ x 2″ fork pockets that make them easy to stack. Empty carts are stackable 3 high allows you to maximize your storage space and utilize a smaller footprint. Solid steel base allow you to store a variety of different size materials. Two rigid and two swivel 8″ x 3″ phenolic casters allow them to roll easily around our warehouse.