ProDeck50 Punched Steel DeckingProDeck50 Close-Up

Importance of ProDeck50 Punched Steel Pallet Rack Decking for Fire Safety

Design with a smooth surface ProDeck50 complies with the NFPA-13 Fire Code’s requirement for a 50% open area. Allows overhead sprinklers to work at max capacity for fire safety.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Systems for warehouse pallet racks are expertly constructed and created to meet the unique requirements of a facility’s inventory and operational procedures. For any organization that has to maintain efficient inventory management, choosing the best decking solution is one of many crucial considerations that must be made.

The first flat deck option for pallet rack, ProDeck50 punched steel pallet rack decking is made by Worldwide Material Handling and features an innovative patented design. a single-piece design with a smooth surface ProDeck50 complies with the NFPA-13 Fire Code’s requirement for a 50% open area.

With many different applications Compared to typical wire mesh, punched corrugated, and solid steel decking, ProDeck50 is more durable and adaptable. For small or heavy parts, the standard ProDeck50 is ideal because it can support up to 250 LBS per square foot. Based on evenly distributed loading, the capacity is determined. It can be produced utilizing a range of steel gauges, lengths, and profiles.

For specialized storage needs, ProDeck50 can be used in a wide range of settings, including warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, record archives, furniture, automobiles, medical facilities, plumbing systems, mattresses, and carpeting, among others.

ProDeck50’s panels are produced and punched one at a time. Then, rivets are used to firmly join the individual panels. The punched steel decking’s distinctive, proprietary hole pattern prevents small items from dropping through the deck while also creating a smooth surface that shields priceless contents from snagging and damage.

The ProDeck50’s smooth surface and flush construction keep the beam faces clear for labeling, making it perfect for hand stack applications. For your unique requirements, we provide a variety of custom sizes and styles. The pre-galvanized finish on each piece of ProDeck50 is of the highest caliber and appearance. Installation doesn’t need any special equipment. The ProDeck50 panels fit into your pallet rack system’s beams with ease.

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