Inverted Flared Wire Decking

Inverted Flared Wire Decking | Universal Fit For The Food Industry

42″ d. x 46″ w. INVERTED FLARED Wire decking. New. 2500 lbs. capacity per piece based on evenly distributed load. 2.5″ x 4.5″ x 4 GA wire grid. (3)- 14 GA steel “Inverted Flared Style” channel supports. Flared channel offers a Universal Fit that works with standard 1-5/8″ step beams, box beams & structural channel beams. 1-1/2″ waterfall on front & back. Gray powder coat finish. Weight: 25 LBS. Part Number: ND4246F3IA254046S00P

*Inverted for wire shelving systems means that the channel supports that are welded to the bottom of the wire deck have been turned upside down. These Inverted Channel wire decks are popular in the food distribution industry because the inverted channels don’t allow for dirt and debris to build up in the channels of the wire deck. They are self cleaning.

NOTES: This is a custom wire deck with an estimated 8-10 weeks lead time (production). Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 70. FOB: Chicago, IL 60446, Atlanta, GA 30297, Dallas, TX 75228 and Los Angeles, CA 92408

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Inverted flared wire decking is designed for food applications but primarily food applications that have structural pallet rack. Structural rack is most popular in warehouses within the food manufacturing & distribution industries. Wire decking with flared inverted channels has a universal fit and is designed for structural channel beams, box beam and even standard 1-5/8” step  beams.

Wire Decking with inverted channels will not collect dust, dirt and debris. The U-Shaped Channel is turned upside down and is flat on the top so that there is no place for food particles to hide.  While at the same time the channel has a flared end that sets on the top of the beam and doesn’t require a step.

If you have a variety of different types of pallet rack – different brands, different styles, different sizes – wire decking with universal fit flared channel supports may be the answer. No need to measure every rack and fill out factory specification sheets. The flared wire decking with smashed channel supports offer a universal fit that work with step beams, box beams and structural channel beams.