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Inside Waterfall Wire Decking | Wire Deck with No Waterfall Aids Order Picking

42″ d. x 46″ w. INSIDE WATERFALL Wire mesh decking for pallet racking. New. 2,500 lbs. capacity per piece based on evenly distributed load. 2.5″ x 4″ x 6 ga. wire  grid. (4)- 14 ga. steel “Step style” channel supports.  1-1/2″ NO WATERFALL on front & back. Gray powder coat finish. Weight: 17 LBS. Part Number: 4246S4SC254046I00P

NOTES: WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THESE DECKS BE TEK SCREWED INTO THE BEAM THROUGH PRE-DRILLED HOLES.  Est. Lead Time: 42×46: 1-2 weeks. Other sizes: 8-9 weeks. FOB: Chicago, IL, Watsontown, PA, Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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How does inside waterfall wire decking, which is a fancy name for wire decking that doesn’t waterfall over the front face of the beam, aid in order picking? And a better question is why has wire decking with no waterfall on front and back of the beam become so popular? The answer is more and more companies are wanting the entire front face of the beam unobstructed for putting beam labels that identify product SKU’s for order picking.

A typical wire deck has mesh that waterfalls over the front and back of the beam 1-1/2″. The advantage to inside waterfall wire decking is that it sets down flush inside the 1-5/8″ step of the pallet rack crossbeam, sitting flush with the top of the beam, with absolutely no waterfall. As you can see from the photographs on this page the entire beam face is clear for adding stickers or labels which help order pickers identify what is on the shelf and what needs to be picked.

The inside waterfall wire deck allows for clear visual identification of beam labels and stock picking numbers which helps increase order picking efficiency – And quite frankly, increasing the number of picks is one of the main objectives for e-commerce companies.

For the first time ever we are seeing the sale of inside waterfall wire decking surpassing the sale of standard waterfall style wire decks. It is not uncommon for us to get a 10,000+ piece order for inside waterfall wire decking that is shipping to a warehouse or distribution center. It is due to the Amazon-ization of retail and warehousing.

Manufacturers, retailers and third party logistics companies (3PL’s) are relying on direct shipments to customers houses like never before. Gone are the days of customers shopping in brick and mortar stores and buying products off the shelf. This new buying phenomenon requires a greater reliance on order picking products from shelves of pallet rack in warehouses and distribution centers.

NOTES: We and most other manufacturers ONLY stock inside waterfall wire decking in one size, and guess what? It’s the most common and popular size – 42″ deep x 46″ wide inside waterfall wire decking. If you need inside waterfall wire decking in any other size we can certainly manufacture it for you but it will take 8-9 weeks.

TIP FROM THE PRO’S: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT INSIDE WATERFALL WIRE DECKING BE TEK SCREWED TO THE BEAMS TO PREVENT THEM FROM FALLING OUT (SEE PICS). The inside waterfall wire decks have pre-drilled holes on the ends of the channel supports that make that task easier. Yes, inside waterfall wire decks are less expensive then waterfall wire decks that just drop into place BUT they will cost more to install because of the extra labor involved in Tek screwing them to the beams.