Corrugated Decking for Pallet Rack

108″ W. x 42″ D. x 22 GA 1.5″ Corrugated Steel Decking. New. Uniform Weight Capacity. Color: Gray. (3 Decks per Storage Level). Weight: 47 LBS each. Part Number: 10842-22-CSD. NOTE: Priced per level.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Ships FOB: Chicago, IL 60510

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Solid corrugated metal decking because sometimes wood and wire mesh pallet rack decking just won’t do!

Corrugated decking for pallet rack is the most durable option decking option available. The corrugations in the decking are what give it the support. Solid pallet rack decking gives you the optimum coverage. It is ideal for storing banker’s boxes, furniture with legs and items with point load characteristics.

You really want decking that’s going to stand up to the job. Corrugated metal decking is definitely going to last even after daily use.

Corrugated decks have a top smooth surface with corrugations that run from front to back. The corrugations are what give the deck it’s heavy capacity. Corrugated metal decking is used for pallet rack, bulk rack, mezzanine flooring and roofing.

Corrugated decking is a popular choice because it holds up against heavy duty materials. When you’re frequently moving heavy materials, you want something that’s going to keep its structure and quality. You don’t have to worry about corrugated decking getting worn out any time soon.

The only thing you will want to check on is whether or not solid corrugated decking will be acceptable to your local building officials. Standard solid corrugated decking does not have the ventilation that wire decking offers. The pallet rack solid decking can sometimes be prohibited when storing flammable products.

Solid pallet rack decking is easy to install and very affordable. Warehouse managers choose corrugated metal decking for its durability and versatility.

Advantages to corrugated metal decking includes:
• B1.5” corrugated B-Deck is designed as pallet rack decking
• Constructed of B1.5” Corrugated B-Deck which refers to the height of the deck
• 1-1/2” height is designed to fit down into the standard 1-5/8” step of a pallet rack beam
• Pallet rack solid decking has a smooth surface that is ideal for supporting record archive boxes
• Solid pallet rack decking is easier to slide product on and off the shelf
• Corrugated decking is a heavier duty option than wire decking
• Can be designed to handle point loads like the legs of furniture or feet of wire or steel containers
• Optional solid or perforated top cap to be placed over the top of corrugated deck