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Hanging Wire Dividers For Pallet Rack

42″ D. x 20″ H. (28″ Overall Height with Hooks) Hanging wire shelf dividers. New. 2″ x 4″ x 6 GA mesh. Gray powder coat finish. ***NOTE: TOP OF BEAM TO TOP OF BEAM DIMENSION IS 40″. DEPTH OF RACK IS 42″. Weight: 8 LBS. Part Number: WD-4442-20-Hang ***BUILT TO ORDER/ SPEC SHEET REQUIRED.

NOTES: 20 PC MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. We do not stock hanging rack dividers. Custom hanging wire dividers require a 8-10 week lead time. If you want a hanging wire divider quote please fill out attached hanging rack divider specification sheet or ANSWER 3 QUESTIONS BELOW. Ships FOB: Chicago, IL, Watsontown, PA, Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, San Bernardino, CA or Seattle, WA.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Hanging wire dividers for pallet rack that are custom made in a variety of sizes. These pallet rack dividers are designed with a “candy cane” shaped hook that allows them to hang from wire decking on pallet rack beam level above. Pallet rack vertical dividers are designed to match the depth of your uprights (AKA beam level or shelf) and the clearance between your beam levels.

Hanging dividers have candy cane shaped wire hooks that attach to mesh of existing wire deck above and hangs down to wire deck below. The bottom of the mesh panel has inverted V shaped wires that fit over wire mesh of deck below to help keep it in place.

Wire decking dividers for pallet racks are offered in two styles: Custom hanging and standard snap-in warehouse shelf dividers. Hanging wire dividers are custom made to fit the depth and height of your specific shelf level. Hanging dividers give you the most support because they are secured at the top and bottom wire decks.

Hanging dividers are a great organizational tool for your operation. They can help to keep your inventory organized by type. Hanging dividers are ideal if you have a tall shelves. Because these hang, they won’t bend or wilt.

Your pallet rack already helps you to maximize your storage. Hanging wire dividers can help to maximize your storage within your racking system. You can quickly find what you’re looking for and keep everything straight. For more security, pick up some concrete anchor bolts!

Hanging dividers can increase security because they help to keep everything in place. You’ll wonder why you went so long without them!

**PLEASE NOTE: There is a MINUMUM ORDER QUANTITY of 50 PCS of custom made pallet rack vertical dividers. We do not stock any hanging dividers.

All hanging pallet rack dividers are custom made requiring a 8-10 week lead time and payment in advance. We require you fill out hanging wire divider specification sheet to help insure compatibility with your existing wire deck. Custom pallet rack vertical dividers are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

If you would like us to quote custom hanging wire dividers please answer these three questions:

1. What is the depth of the rack or wire decking? 36”, 42”, 48”, other?

2. What is top-of-beam to top-of-beam measurement (measured from top of beam to top of beam)?

3. What is the height of the face or front of your beam? 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″?

One more question, do you also need us to quote wire decking?