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Punch Deck | Rain Deck Perforated Corrugated Rack Deck

143″ W. x 44″ D. x 24 GA Rain Deck (50% Open Area) Corrugated Steel Rack Deck. New. 5280 lbs. Evenly Distributed Weight Capacity. Color: Gray. [4 Deck per Storage Level]. Weight: 40 LBS. Part Number: 14344-24-RD

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Chicago, IL 60510


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50% Open Rain Deck for pallet rack combines the advantages of smooth corrugated metal decking with the advantages of open wire decking in one unique punch deck product!

Perforated rain decking is designed to allow sprinkler water to flow through storage levels in the event of a fire. The unique design not only exceeds the criteria of the NFPA fire codes, but also has an ultra-smooth top surface to allow products to slide on and off easily.

This punched metal corrugated decking is for pallet rack. It drops down into the standard 1-5/8” step of a pallet rack step beam. We have many different calls wanting to use this product for different applications but we only quote it for pallet rack decking. Designing safe, durable and efficient pallet rack decking solutions is our job and we take it seriously.

Perforated corrugated decking has so many advantages. The smooth surface allows you to easily push and pull boxes on and off a shelf. There are certain applications that require you use it. If you are storing dense, flammable record storage boxes you may be required to use rain decking. It’s non-flammable and its open design allows sprinklers to flow through to all levels.

Fire Marshall’s and insurance companies love Rain Deck perforated decking. And you’ll love the savings you get on your insurance rates compared to using wood decking!

Rain Deck 50% Open Corrugated Deck Features and Benefits:
• Perforated decking fits in step down of rack beams
• Corrugated Perforated deck sets flush with the top of the beam
• Corrugated decking is made of full hard steel resulting in stronger load capacities
• Rain deck is offered in 20 GA., 22 GA. & 24 GA. steel
• Corrugated steel deck can be cut to any length up to 240″
• 50% open area rack deck exceeds fire code requirements
• Corrugated deck nests for lower shipping cost
• Rain decking is available with a painted or galvanized finish