Wire Mesh Containers

  Before Wire Containers After Wire Containers This is working very well and we need more wire mesh containers. The wire containers that we use measure 40” X 48” X 48” (outside dimensions). That size is ideal for storing our bagged products 4 bags wide x 2 bags deep x 8 bags high for a … Continue reading Wire Mesh Containers

Warehouse Platform Truck

I can’t believe we went this many years without a warehouse platform truck. It’s saved our employee’s many hours and countless steps; not to mention a sore back. Before we had to carry our supplies from the shelves in our warehouse to our service vehicles. Today we can just load the supplies onto our platform … Continue reading Warehouse Platform Truck

Wire Containers with Casters

Adding casters allowed us to easily transport our wire containers around the warehouse and jobsite without the use of a forklift. Wire baskets with casters keep the material close to the contractors increasing efficiency. The casters didn’t prevent us from stacking the wire baskets.

Security Cage for Record Storage

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has secured record storage. We’ve converted a corner of our warehouse into a security cage for record storage. It has a sliding gate with keyed lock. We store our archive boxes on wide span shelving (with orange beams) and boltless shelving. As an added layer of security we also shred … Continue reading Security Cage for Record Storage

Wire Decks Add Versatility to Pallet Racking

The custom nature of wire decking gave us versatility and flexibility in storage. Our wire deck was designed to safely support all the items we store from palletized product to hand stacked items… All on one deck. We specifically designed our wire deck to meet our needs.  It was designed it to give us the … Continue reading Wire Decks Add Versatility to Pallet Racking

Wire containers with hot dipped galvanized finish

We use wire containers on our ships when we study and explore the ocean. We needed our wire containers to withstand the oxidation caused by the salt water. The hot dipped galvanized finish resists rust and was the solution to our problem.

Wire container with custom powder coat paint finish

We just received 300 wire containers in color blue and 100 wire containers in color black. We are able to designate different part numbers and SKU’s to different color wire baskets.  This has helped with inventory control, especially when baskets are in the stacked position.

Stackable Baskets Storage In Warehousing

Stackable baskets storage is ideal for a 3rd party logistics company like ours. They have allowed us to avoid purchasing fixed pallet rack. Stackable baskets give us a tremendous amount of flexibility in storage, which is critical for serving our customers with seasonal storage. Wire baskets are a hybrid storage solution offering a variety of … Continue reading Stackable Baskets Storage In Warehousing

Wire Container with Lid

We use custom wire baskets with lockable lids as “gun cages” to safely store and transport handguns and rifles. They’re idea for securing fire arms. We also use standard 40” x 48” x 42” wire baskets for storing returned items. Your stocking locations in Chicago and Dallas allow us to save money on freight.

Pharmaceutical Shelving

Steel shelving serves a variety of purposes in our facility. We’re able to store maintenance items, supplies, pharmaceuticals and archive boxes. We needed a durable shelving unit that could hold heavier loads. That’s why we chose steel pharmaceutical shelving. Steel shelving has solid steel shelves and hold up to heavy loads.  We had a situation … Continue reading Pharmaceutical Shelving

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