Have you ever paid too much for freight costs? You needed something quickly and had to eat the cost of long-distance shipping?

We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why we have strategically placed 16 stocking locations throughout the country.

One of these locations is in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a bustling metropolitan city that relies heavily on transportation. Warehousing, manufacturing and distribution are also major players in Chicago’s economy. The city has the most amount of railroad freight in North America.

Because transportation is an integral part of the city, Chicago is an ideal place for a stocking location for items like boltless shelving. We are able to quickly ship product throughout the country.

In today’s retail environment, you have to be able to fulfill orders quickly in order to be competitive. The Chicago location quickly ships to multiple cities so you can get what you need without losing valuable time. We choose “Best Way Prepaid & Add” so your product takes the most direct route. 

For years we have brought you the lowest prices and largest inventory. We stay on top of trends to deliver the best products to our modern day customer. Give us an opportunity to become your first choice for all your warehousing needs. 

The Chicago location has the following products:

Pallet Racking

Structural Rack

Wire Containers

Wire Decking

Drive in Rack

Pushback Rack

Pallet Flow Rack

Cantilever Racks

Industrial Shelving (Rivet Shelving, Wide Span Shelving, Steel Shelving, Wire Shelving)

Steel Decking

Flat Wire Decking for Boltless Shelving

Post Protectors

Ram Guards

End of Aisle Protectors

Guard Rail

Pallet Supports (Crossbars)

Row Spacers

Flue Space Protectors



Rack Repair Kits 

Our quick ship option and commitment to excellence have made our customers come back again and again. Having multiple locations helps reduce the risk of product damage by eliminating the need for multiple transfers. When you’re operating a business, it’s important to have people you trust to deliver what you need when you need it. 

As a top online supplier of Material Handling and Storage Products, we work to exceed your expectations with each and every order. We stock the most in demand products, like pallet racking and wire decking.  Get a quote today or call 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert.


“For over 6 years Warehouse Rack & Shelf has supplied our company with wire baskets. Year after year you’ve provided us with quality wire baskets, low prices and the highest level of customer service. Your shipping locations in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta save us freight cost. You’ve always got what we want, when we want it.”~ Bill, Inventory Manager at BP