As a leading online supplier of Material Handling and Storage Products, we are committed to bringing you the largest inventory and lowest prices. We take our service to the next level by offering you 16 shipping locations across North America, including warehousing supplies in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis is located on the Mississippi River. The River has played a large part in the history of St. Louis and made it an ideal trading port. St. Louis is known as “The Gateway to the West” because it was the starting place for Westward expansion and exploration. Today, the prominent industries in St. Louis are manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and trade.

St. Louis is an ideal place for a stocking location. It’s centrally located, which directly benefits our customers because products like warehouse pallet racking or boltless shelving can be delivered faster. Our corporate office is also located in St. Louis.

We believe in giving you options to find the best products that work for your business at the best prices. We also believe in getting you those products, whether they are warehouse containers or wire baskets, as quickly as possible. In today’s fast paced environment, we understand time is money, which is why we have strategically placed all of our shipping locations throughout the country.

Having multiple shipping locations saves you time, money and reduces the risk of damaged products.

We offer Quick Ship from the St. Louis location so you can get back to business quickly. We also choose “Best Way Prepaid & Add” to get you your products efficiently. If you’ve ever paid too much for freight, you’ll appreciate these huge savings!

The St. Louis stocking location has the following products: 

New & Used Pallet Racks

Drive In Rack

Pushback Rack

Pallet Flow Rack

Span Track Carton Flow

Stack Racks

Industrial Shelving (Boltless shelving, Metal shelving)

Wire Decking

Collapsible Wire Containers

Rigid Wire Containers

Corrugated Steel Containers

We stock some of the most popular warehouse products at the St. Louis stocking location, including pallet racks and wire decking. Pallet racks are a great addition to your warehouse because they improve organization, efficiency and safety. Wire decking is a hot product that helps improve efficiency and organization.

Whether you’ve been a loyal customer for years or this your first time shopping with us, we have all your warehouse needs covered. We are the experts for all your warehouse needs including everything from warehouse pallet racks to boltless shelvingRack and Shelf is committed to keeping our customers happy by providing excellent service time and time again.


“Your company has ranked 100% in “On Time” deliveries for the last 12 months and your company is to commended for it’s fine service.”

~ T. Corp