Skyline of Toronto, Canada

Ontario is located in eastern-central Canada and is the second largest Canadian Province. It borders the United States and the Great Lakes.  Ontario has the greatest popular of any province in Canada. Having a majority of Canada’s natural resources Ontario is also Canada’s wealthiest province. Fun facts include Ontario has over 250,000 lakes and majority of quality farmland in Canada.

This Canadian province lies between the James and Hudson bays to the north and the Great Lakes to the south. Ottawa is Ontario’s capital which makes it a force in Canadian politics. If you visit Ontario you may want to check out the 1800-foot-tall CN building, National Gallery as well as High Park. 

Ontario is known as the economic engine of Canada with a large and diverse industrial economy. The fact that it sits across the lake from Detroit, Michigan allows it to import products easily and efficiently to the United States. In our case, our factory for material handling in Ontario products represents some of Ontario’s largest Automotive racks and container manufacturers.

The factory for material handling in Ontario manufactures the following products:

GM-5131 Rigid Wire Bins

FORD ZE-13 & ZE-21 Style Rigid Wire Bins

Ford SMF Style Steel Containers

GM Style Steel Containers

Chrysler Style Steel Containers

Chrysler CC-71, CS-120 and CS-125 Collapsible Steel Bins

BMW Steel Containers

Sheet Metal Bins

Rigid Wire Containers

Collapsible Wire Containers

Automotive Returnable Shipping Racks