We service the Boston market from Sterling, MA.

Boston is a historic city that was at the heart of the American Revolution. The Boston Harbor played a huge role in the Boston Tea Party and later helped turn Boston into a major port and manufacturing location. Today, the bustling city relies on warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, tourism, education, finance, government, business and information technology.

We understand the needs of the modern day customer, which is why we offer you 16 stocking locations throughout North America. Massachusetts warehousing in the Boston location is just one way we help our customers save money on things like pallet racking and wire decking.

The cost of long distance shipping can really start to add up. On top of an expensive bill, you also lose valuable time. Today’s retail landscape calls for quick shipping, a large variety and competitive pricing.

For more than 30 years, our customers have trusted us to bring them the largest inventory at the lowest prices.

The Boston stocking location has the following products:

Pallet Rack 

Wire Decking

Both pallet racks and wire decking help improve the safety and organization of your warehouse. Pallet racks can not only help you maximize your space, they also help you maximize your time. Wire decking helps you quickly move and safely store product. Our affordable pricing and quick ship options makes these additions an easy choice!

Because our industrial equipment distributors have so many locations, we pick the most direct route, and in turn, we reduce the amount of transfers. When a product has to go through several freight terminals, the risk of product damage goes up. We know when you need something done, you need it done right, and you need it done fast.

We make shipping simple by selecting “best way & prepaid” so you can get what you need to make your business run. As a leading online supplier of Material Handling and Storage products, we’d love to be your partner for all your warehouse needs. Get a quote today or call 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert.

“We’ve purchased truckloads of pallet rack from Warehouse Rack & Shelf over the years and we’ve always been satisfied with the quality and the price.”~ Brook Plant Manager