In order to better serve our customers, we have thoughtfully placed 16 stocking locations around North America.

One of these stocking locations is in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville was originally a portage city, and shipping is still one of its leading industries, in addition to cargo, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution. The city also has a long history of transportation is the founding place of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, which spans 13 cities.

Louisville, Kentucky is an ideal warehousing and stocking location because we understand that in this day and age, you need choices, and you need them fast. Having multiple shipping locations not only helps save time, they also help save tons on freight costs.

In addition to saving tons on freight costs, having multiple locations help to reduce the risk of damaged products. By choosing the location closest to you, we reduce the amount of transfers. We know no one has time for damaged product!

We choose “Best Way Prepaid & Add” so you get your products quickly. We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers by bringing you the largest inventory, from wire partitions to guard rails, at the lowest prices. Having multiple locations helps our customers save money and time.

The Louisville stocking location has the following products:

Wire Partitions

Woven & Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Machine Guarding Systems

Guard Rail

Tool Cribs

Technician Locker Systems

Driver Access Cages

Wire Storage Cages

Wire Storage Lockers

Industrial Storage Lockers

Tennant Storage Lockers

DEA Drug Storage Cages

Server & Colocation Cages

Evidence Storage Lockers

Holding Cells

Rack Guard/ RackBack Safety Panels

Pallet Rack Enclosures

Although we’ve become a leading online supplier of Material Handling and Storage Products, we remain committed to the same principles we’ve had for more than 30 years – providing you with the largest inventory at the lowest prices. The Louisville stocking location is just one way we help meet the needs of our customers. Get a quote today or call 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert about industrial storage lockers, cages, and more.


“Received baskets the other day, exactly what we wanted, if this were EBAY I give you an AAAAAAAAA++++ rating. Thanks.”~ Gary, G-pex Tool Group