Cantilever Steel Bar, Tubing & Pipe Storage Racks

One row of cantilever for PVC Pipe Storage. A row consists of 4 single sided towers joined together with 3 brace panel assemblies. Utilizes 16′ Single Sided Structural Uprights with 60″ Base Assembly + (3) – 60″ arms levels with capacity of 1300 lbs per arm. All bays have 60″ C/C. brace panels. Colors: Tower and Base: Royal Blue. Arms: Safety orange.

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Steel Bar, Metal Tubing and Pipe is commonly stored in heavy duty or extra heavy duty cantilever racks. Our cantilever pipe storage rack allows for full frontal access to all storage levels.
It is ideal for storing long loads of varying sizes. For more strength, try our Extra Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks.

A cantilever pipe storage rack is the perfect rack for storing bar stock, tubing and pipe. It has arms that reach out to you and support the load. It is available in either single sided or double sided configurations. Single sided is placed against a wall and access from one side. Double sided is placed out in the middle of your building and accessed from both sides.

Cantilever bar and tubing storage racks are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. They are designed to carry heavy loads safely and efficiently. The arms of the cantilever pipe rack storage system can be spaced 36″, 48″, 60″ apart based on the O/C spacing of your brace panel sets.

Go up instead of taking up valuable store space – it’s only logical.  Get that bar, tubing and PVC pipe storage up off the floor and into cantilever pipe racks, while freeing up floor space and utilizing valuable ceiling space. Pipe rack storage systems are ideal if you are increasing capacity and stocking more pipe. If you find that lead times are too long and you want to negotiate with your main steel supplier to send you more steel pipe on a consignment bases that will give you flexibility, reduce lead times and decrease cost.