Automotive Racks

Warehouse Rack & Shelf supplies a variety of custom automotive / component racks including:

Engine rack

front assembly rack

Kit rack

Hood rack

Bag rack

Automotive shipping rack

Industrial carts.

Returnable/reusable containers are used as industrial packaging, in material handling and logistics. Automotive industrial racking delivers packaging and transportation cost savings.

We focus on cost savings while giving you the best solutions to your packaging, transportation and material handling needs.  Let us help you design and implement new packaging standards across your plant(s) – and they will help you meet your launch schedule.

Are you looking for the best industrial racking solution in package transportation and material handling that ALSO has minimal capital investment? We are sure that our automotive / component racks will meet your needs!

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers Use Custom Automotive Racks / Component Racks to Protect Parts in Transit and Increases Storage Density on Trailers!

A Tier 1 is a company that supplies components, or services directly to the assembly plant like General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan, etc. A Tier 1 automotive supplier would be a company like Delphi, Dana or Johnson Controls who makes products specifically for one of the OEMs. Tier 2 supplies Tier 1 and down the line.

What they all have in common is that they all use automotive racks. Auto Manufacturers, Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive suppliers require a variety of industrial racking, including: automotive racks, bag racks, component racks, collapsible stackable returnable shipping racks, stack racks and bulk containers made of plastic, steel and wire mesh. We specialize in the design of custom shipping racks that can maximize the number of parts per automotive rack.

It’s important to be really organized when dealing with parts. Automotive racks helps to organize parts and increase operational efficiency. These automotive racks can be custom designed and manufactured to fit your parts like a glove. They will serve you well in the storage and transportation of your automotive component parts.

Our automotive shipping racks are designed to manage the flow of auto part components and sub-assemblies from Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers for JIT delivery to OEM assembly plants. Component racks allow you to safely and efficiently store parts like driveline and chassis components, suspension parts, subassemblies, brakes, clutches, body panels, bumpers, hitches, wheels, doors, windows & mirrors.

The automotive rack is a space saver. It gets parts off the floor, which helps to clear up tons of space. Automotive racks can also help to improve safety because they keep parts out of walkways and prevent your staff from injuring themselves.

Industrial racking also helps to protect the parts. They can easily get damaged if they aren’t stored properly. Damaged parts aren’t an option when you’re on a deadline and a budget! Using the rack is important to help keep your operation running smoothly. An automotive rack is definitely an investment in your operation!

Auto parts manufacturers rely on automotive racks to safely ship parts and components from facility to facility. Our industrial returnable racks and containers are ideal for safely and efficiently storing and transporting plastic molded components, metal stampings, castings and automotive component parts.

Automotive/ Component Racks Features and Benefits::

• Stackable, collapsible and shippable.

• Can include removable or hinged corners posts. Hinged posts prevent post from being lost in shipping.

• Reduce shipping costs by allowing you to better cube out your trailer or shipping container.

• Stack 1-2 wide x 2-3 high in a van or shipping container.

• Can be designed to stack 6-high in the warehouse.

• Returnable shipping racks offer you high density and efficiency, and a quick ROI.

• Our returnable racks can be knocked down for low-cost return shipping. Usually in a 4-1 ratio.

• Elimination of disposable packaging

• Increased efficiency of in-house handling

• Storage of difficult to handle parts

• Reduce product damage in shipping

We can design and manufacture a returnable shipping rack for automotive vehicle component parts including:

• Axle Racks

• Bumper Racks

• Break Line Racks

• Car Door Racks

• Dashboard Racks

• Drive Train Racks

• Engine Racks

• Engine Cover Racks

• Exhaust Racks

• Facia Racks (Bag Racks)

• Fender Racks

• Front End Racks

• Headliner Racks

• Hood Racks

• Mirror Racks (AKA Bag racks)

• Muffler Racks

• Radiator Racks

• Roof Panel Racks

• Seat Frame Racks

• Side Panel Racks

• Steering Wheel Racks

• Tire Racks

• Transmission Racks

• Windshield Glass Racks

• WIP Racks (Work-In Progress Racks)