Driveshaft & Axle Returnable Shipping Racks

48″ w. x 96″ l. x 40″ h. Custom Automotive Axle Shipping Racks. New. Rigid corners posts. Internal steel dunnage support cradles. Stackable.  Color: Blue powder coat. Weight: 380 LBS. PN. 489640-A-AR

NOTES: Custom Axle Racks must be manufactured and are not available in stock. Est. Lead time: 8- 9 weeks. Approval drawing 2 weeks. Delivery: 6-7 weeks. FOB: Detroit, MI 49252. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

We supply custom automotive shipping racks for storing and transporting rear axle assemblies. They have a number of benefits, which makes them a valuable addition to your automotive operation.

Axles are heavy, so it’s crucial to use a storage system that can stand up to them. At their core, these automotive racks are stacking racks that have custom dunnage or steel supports to cradle the axles while stored in the horizontal position. Each Axle rack can store multiple axles. There are different configurations and different sizes to fit the size of the axle. We manufacture these returnable shipping racks for both car and truck axles.

The design protects the axles from damage while in transit. Not only does this help protect the axles, it protects your bottom line and your reputation. Damaged inventory is costly and can cause you to lose business.

Another great feature of automotive returnable shipping racks is that they maximize the number of axles that can be stored in a truck. These racks allow you to more efficiently cube out your trailer, which helps to reduce shipping costs. The racks are returnable and reusable, so your shipping savings will really add up!

In addition to saving you money, axle racks also save you space! The racks are stackable, which allows you to take advantage of unused vertical space. This improves your storage density, which helps you maximize every square inch of your (expensive!) space.

Axle racks increase the safety of your operation. They keep the axle racks secure, which prevents devastating accidents. They also keep the floor space clear, which prevents tripping and injuries.

Whether it’s a front axles, rear axles or differential assembly we have a rack for it. Rigid or KD (Knock Down) we can supply it. Some of our axle racks have removable corners posts or side frames that allow you to collapse them when not in use. This is just another way they help you save space!

Send a sketch or drawing: If you would like us to quote an exact replica of your existing rack, container or cart please forward us manufacturing drawings or designer’s model in any one of the following formats: IGES, STEP or DXF to If you don’t have a manufacturers drawing or do not require us to stack with your existing please send a sketch, drawing or photo in JPEG, PDF or GIF format to