Windshield Glass Returnable Shipping Racks

Windshield Bulk Rack. New. Returnable / Reuseable / Stackable. New. Part Number: 200418-A (SEE ATTACHED DRAWING.


We offer two styles of windshield glass returnable shipping racks. One stores the glass horizontally like in feature picture and the other stored vertically like in drawing. Please tell us which design you prefer. Both style of windshield assembly racks are very good. I would say that the one in drawing is more common and more cost effective.

Please also let us know if you have existing windshield glass racks in your facility. If so we would ask that you send a drawing of your existing racks so we can insure stackability. If you don’t have existing stackable shipping racks then we ask that you send us a drawing of the windshield glass size or sizes that you will be storing in the rack so we can design a rack to best fit that part. All of our returnable shipping racks are custom made to meet your specific needs.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Windshields are extremely fragile, which makes them hard to store and even harder to transport. They require a storage system that can provide heavy duty protection for a delicate product.

Automotive glass windshield storage racks are designed to safely and securely store and transport front, side and back light windshield glass. These returnable shipping racks are custom designed with dividers that separate the sheets of glass and protect them while in transit. These auto glass racks will bring the auto glass from the Tier 1 suppliers to the Automotive Manufacturers plant. They’re an essential part of the process.

Heavy duty auto glass racks are constructed from rigid stack racks. We incorporate drop down dividers that cradle and protect the glass. The windshield storage racks have rigid corners posts with stacking pins and a heavy duty base with fork stirrups. This combination provides stability without creating too much pressure on the windshield.

These auto glass racks are stackable up to four racks high, which frees up valuable space in your warehouse. This allows you to take advantage of unused vertical space and maximize your storage density. Freeing up floor space means you can store more.

Windshield glass racks secure the windshields, which prevents them from breaking and shattering. Not only does this save you the headache of dealing with broken inventory, it also improves the safety of your operation. They keep your floors clears, which reduces the risk of accident and injury.

Automotive windshield storage racks are also a great addition to your shipping operation. First and most foremost, they reduce the risk of damage during shipping. They’re returnable and reusable so you’re able to save money on shipping costs. They’re stackable, so they allow you to more efficiently cube out your trailer. This is also a huge money saver. No more wasted space!

Our returnable shipping racks and steel and wire containers are used in a variety of industries including Automotive, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Military Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, distribution and warehousing equipment component parts.

We offer a variety of options and accessories that help you customize your racks for maximum efficiency. Durable base assembly with steel dividers, supports, cradles, holding blocks, fork pockets, fork stirrups, fork tunnels, steel runners, casters, steel decking, wire mesh decking or plywood decking. You can add rigid or removable stackable corner posts, side frames or removable side bars.

If you can provide us manufacturing drawings, photographs or ship a sample rack to our factory we can insure stackability of our racks with your existing racks.

Send a sketch or drawing: If you would like us to quote an exact replica of your existing rack, container or cart please forward us manufacturing drawings or designer’s model in any one of the following formats: IGES, STEP or DXF to If you don’t have a manufacturers drawing or do not require us to stack with your existing please send a sketch, drawing or photo in JPEG, PDF or GIF format to