Engine Racks

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20+ ENGINE RACKS. Not all engine racks are the same. As for a universal engine rack we can come up with a universal style depending on the size and weight of the engine, but every engine is different in how they will attach to the rack. The thermoformed tray that you see in picture of blue rack works well but thermoformed trays are very volume dependent for costing and we are unable to provide small quantity of custom thermoformed trays.

Question: Can you provide drawings, photos of existing engine racks that are currently in use or provide CAD data on these engines themselves?

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our custom steel modular engine rack (AKA power train rack) makes a great automotive shipping rack. Diesel engine racks offer dense, efficient and safe storage and transportation of engines. Engine racks help reduce damage associated with bulk storage and shipping of automotive, ATV, snow mobile and motorcycle engines. This portable and nestable heavy duty racking safely supports the engines while in transit, reducing damage and helping you better cube out the trailer which reduces shipping cost.

Engine racks are classified as “automotive racks”. They are designed primarily as shipping racks. This heavy duty racking is typically purchased by engine manufacturers to ship engines to and from automotive manufacturers, Assembly Plants, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Custom sizes are our specialty. Typically the customer will provide us with a drawing or sample of the engine and our engineers will design a rack to best maximize the size of the engine. We will include custom dunnage that cradles and safely supports the engine while in transit. It may take 6, 8, 10 weeks to supply custom steel heavy duty racking but the quality and price is worth the wait.

Engine racks are designed for many OEM’s including Peterbilt, Cummins, Detroit, CAT, Kenworth Truck Co., PACCAR, Mack Trucks, Freightliner . They can be designed to store large big block engines and small engines. Small engines can be stored 2 per rack. Usually large and small engines require racks of different sizes. Engine racks can store and transport 6 liter, 7 liter, 10 liter, 12 liter and 14 liter engines. It is ideal if we can provide a smaller rack for storing 7-10 liter engines and a larger rack for storing 12-14 liter engines. Everyone is in search of a universal engine rack but most racks have to be designed to fit specific engine sizes. Engines can weigh up to 3,500 LBS.

We offer domestic and imported Engine Racks in both rigid and collapsible design. The rigid racks are stackable. The collapsible steel storage racks can be knocked down for efficient storage and transportation. They can be provided with a variety of options and accessories including fork stirrups that secure the rack to the forks for safer transportation, rigid, removable or hinged corner posts (4 per rack) and stenciling. Engine racks are offered with a durable and attractive powder coat paint finish that is offered in a variety of standard or custom colors.

Normally for engine rack requests, most customers will do their own case and density studies, to determine things like the engine layout into the racks, orientation of how they would all sit in, which generally develops the size dimensions of the racks. Universal racks can be more difficult though.
We would need to understand if there are areas of the engine that can be used to nest and support in the racks. We would need to understand how many engines are involved in trying to develop a “universal” rack. Also, we normally require a 3D Cad Model (STEP or Solid Works) formats are fine.

We can offer to quote “CDP” which is Concept, Design and Prototype Rack for you to approve, as long as we have a strong starting point and understanding of what you require. If your engines are stored in crates we can offer you low price stack racks that allow you to store 2 rack high in trailer or 3-4 high in warehouse.

We can even design stackable engine racks to have removable cradle inserts that will give you the flexibility of storing different engines in the same rack!

Advantages of engine racks include:

• Efficiently store and transport engines
• Safely store and transport engines
• Easier handling of engines
• Stackable 4-5 high
• Collapsible for dense storage when not in use
• The racks reduce damage that can occur in transportation
• Helps you better cube out a trailer, allowing more engines to be stored in smaller space, which reduces shipping cost

SPECIAL NOTES: In order to quote we request that you please send us a 3D Cad Model (STEP or Solid Works) format drawing on engine or engines you are wanting to store in rack. Please let us know if one is available. It will be the first question we ask. If you don’t have a 3D Cad drawing we may be able to estimate rack cost if you provide dimensions of engine (LxWxH), weight of engine and photographs of engine or existing racks.